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FOTOVO Deye Single-Phase Micro Inverter 2000W with 4 MPPT

SUN-M200G4-EU-Q0 deye microinverter

  • WIFI communication
  • Max. DC input current of 18A, adapt to 700W PV module
  • 4 MPP trackers, module level monitoring
  • Rapid shutdown function
  • Rated Output Grid Frequency/Range(Hz): 50/45-55, 60/55-65
  • Grid Regulation: IEC, CEI, EN, NRS, RD, UNE
  • OVE-Richtlinie R25, G99, VDE-AR-N 4105
  • Safety EMC/Standard: IEC/EN


Deye micro inverter 2000w – the perfect solution to optimize your solar power system.

Deye 2kW On Grid Micro Inverter

With its cutting-edge technology and impressive features, this micro inverter is designed to enhance energy efficiency and maximize your savings.

  • With an IP67 protection degree, this Deye micro inverter 2000w ensures reliable performance even in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it comes with a remarkable 10-year warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting peace of mind. Well, please note that if installed in Germany or Austria, the warranty extends to an incredible 15 years.
  • Stay connected and in control of your solar power system with the built-in WIFI communication feature. Then, monitor your system’s performance from anywhere, anytime. This can allow you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your energy consumption.
  • The Deye micro inverter 2000w adapts to a wide range of PV modules, with a maximum DC input current of 18A and compatibility with up to 700W modules. And what’s more, its 4 MPP trackers provide module-level monitoring. So that it ensures optimal power output even in shading or uneven sunlight conditions.

And what’s more:

  • Prioritizing safety, this micro inverter ensures the utmost protection.It incorporates rapid shutdown functionality, complying with industry regulations for safe operation. Additionally, its ingress protection rating of IP67 guarantees resistance against dust and water, making it suitable for any environment.
  • Featuring remarkable efficiency levels, this micro inverter boasts a max efficiency of 96.5%, ensuring maximum power conversion from your solar panels to your grid. With an MPPT efficiency above 99%, it consistently operates at peak performance.
  • The Deye 2kW On Grid Micro Inverter meets stringent international standards such as IEC 61727, IEC 62116, CEI 0-21, EN 50549, NRS 097, RD 140, UNE 217002, OVE-Richtlinie R25, G99, VDE-AR-N 4105, ensuring top-notch grid regulation and safety compliance.

Invest in the Deye 2kW On Grid Micro Inverter and elevate your solar power system to new heights. With its advanced features, exceptional efficiency, and durability, it is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to harness the full potential of solar energy. Start saving today and enjoy a greener future with the Deye 2kW On Grid Micro Inverter.



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