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FOTOVO FS-M2000-ON 1600/2000W On Grid Balcony Solar Power Plant

1600/2000W grid-connected balcony system
4 photovoltaic panels, 1 microinverter or 2 microinverters in parallel

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Balcony power plants – Optimize your balcony space and embrace a greener lifestyle with our solar panel systems. Our adaptable solutions not only minimize your energy expenses but also empower you to contribute to a more environmentally friendly world. So explore our variety of options and find the perfect fit for your requirements.

2000W Solar Power Hoymiles Microinverter

MPPT Voltage Range: 22V-55V

Maximum Input Voltage: 60V

Startup Voltage: 24V

Maximum Input Power: 750W

Maximum Input Current: 18A*4

Peak Efficiency: 97.3%

Half Cell TOPCon 500W All Black Solar Panel (customization is available)

Maximum Power (Pmax/W): 500

Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V): 46.28 ±3%

Short Circuit Current(Isc/A): 13.75 ±3%

Maximun Power Voltage(Vmp/V): 35.97

Maximum Power Current(Imp/A): 10.45

Module Efficiency(%): 21.06

Connector: MC4 Compatible

Dimensions: 2094mm x 1134mm x 35mm

Balcony PV Mounting System

Wind Load: up to 60m/s

Snow Load: up to 1.5KN/㎡

Material: Aluminium alloy(Anodized)

Applicable Solar Module: Framed

Panel Layout: Landscape

Small Components: Aluminium alloy (Anodized)

Color: Silver or Customized

Warranty: 5-Year Warranty

  • Easy self-installation
    This system merely needs self-installation with just one plug, so you can release and move it conveniently. Non-professionals can install the system, so you don’t have to pay additional installation costs. All these functions lead to a quickly, easy and cost-efficient installation, vital for residential tasks.
  • IP65 Water resistant
    Keep shielded as constantly. Security is constantly our leading priority. This system is developed with a specifically robust metal coating and an IP65 water resistant score, giving full security versus both dirt and water. Moreover, it can keep an optimal living atmosphere inside.
  • 99% compatibility
    With a global MC4 hose style, this system can be compatible with 99% of solar panels and microinverters, including popular brand names like Hoymiles, DEYE, Priwatt, and so on. This seamless combination conserves you time and money on circuit adjustments, which is not only efficiently attached to photovoltaic panels in all directions yet likewise ideal for micro-inverters.

Off Grid solar Kit


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