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Shaping the Future
of Green Energy

Deeply involved in shaping the future of new energy, we pioneer low-carbon solutions for a greener planet.

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Sustainable Energy

About Our Company

Elemac Is Your
Ideal Partner

Elemac Energy Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of high-efficiency high-performance photovoltaic products, focusing on the innovation of solar module and inverter technologies and providing the best LCOE (Levelized Cost Energy) solar products to the customers worldwide.
Elemac’s FOTOVO brand adheres to the corporate philosophy of delivering reliability and values to the customers.

  • Our Experiences: Over 20 Years
  • Annual Export Capacity: 480 MW
  • Average Annual Export: $80 Million
  • Global Partners: Over 30 Partners
Why choose us?

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Choose FOTOVO: Embrace the change, empower the world.
FOTOVO specializes in providing innovative and cost-effective energy solutions. Our core goal is to encourage widespread use of renewable energy.
  • One-stop Solution
  • Expert R&D Team
  • Global Reach in Over 90 Countries
  • 100+ Unique Project Solutions Designed and Delivered
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We Work with the Best Brands

Longi solar panel
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Go Solar with FOTOVO

Dream beyond. Live sustainably. FOTOVO makes eco-friendly lifestyles possible.

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O ur business covers solar cells, PV modules, inverters, energy storage systems, batteries and PV power stations.

Based on long-term business and customer focus, FOTOVO delivers competitive products.
FOTOVO boasts a proven track record, delivering successful projects worldwide.

 We customize complete solar solutions for utility, residential, and commercial needs, empowering your sustainable future.
What clients say


I contacted Reese and began working with Zoe. She made the process of putting solar onto my house so easy and the documents she presented were easy to understand and questions I satisfaction.

Tony Carrillo

Tony Carrillo


The saleswoman representative (Zoe) is very helpful and carefully explains everything clearly as possible. The installation process was so quick, it only took about a few hours. Problems are always solved in time.

Justin B

Justin B


My experience with FOTOVO has been great! Zoe made sure to keep us informed from the time we signed up all the way through installation. I would highly recommend this company. Very professional.

Dominique H

Dominique H


Working with Zoe and the entire team was a great experience. Zoe was extremely informative. She never made me feel she pushing for a sale, which is important to me. The entire installation team was incredible.

John Schmid

John Schmid


I got many quotes for solar panels before finally choosing FOTOVO. They provided the best customer service, panels and price. They answered any question I had even months after the system was installed.

Anthony Chacin

Anthony Chacin

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Performance, Quality and Reliability