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51.2V Low Voltage Stacked 100Ah Lithium Battery

Long life cycle low voltage lifepo4 battery for home use

Nominal voltage51.2V
Rated capacity100Ah
Max. charge current100A
Max. discharge current100A
CommunicationRS485/ CAN
Size (mm)430*230*570mm
Weight (kg)52kg (about)
SKU: FLH-A512-S100LV Category: Tag: Product ID: 25826



The 51.2V 100Ah Low Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery from the Antelope series is a cutting-edge energy storage solution. It offers unparalleled convenience and reliability. Expanding capacity is easier than ever before due to its plug and play design. Users can customize their energy storage system to meet their specific needs.

Low Voltage All-In-One FLH-A512-S100LV

In addition to its user-friendly design, the Antelope series battery also features a  sleek and fashionable design. This battery will complement any home or office environment. But beyond its looks, this battery is also equipped with 15 levels of protection to ensure the safety and durability of your energy storage system.


Another special advantage of this Antelope series 100ah lithium  battery is its long cycle life. So It has the ability to charge and discharge hundreds of times . This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require frequent cycling, such as household energy storage, photovoltaic roof energy storage, and household off-grid energy storage.


Furthermore, the Antelope series battery is compatible with over 20 mainstream brands of global inverters, including Deye, NEP, and Hoymiles, making it easy to integrate into existing energy systems. Whether you are looking to enhance your home energy storage capabilities, optimize your photovoltaic roof energy storage, or create a reliable off-grid energy storage solution, the Antelope series battery has you covered.


Beyond these traditional applications, the Antelope series battery is also suitable for more specialized uses such as wind-solar complementary energy storage, island energy storage, and microgrid applications.

Why choose us?

We are a manufacturer of high-efficiency high-performance photovoltaic products. We are committed to developing the innovation of solar module and inverter technologies. Our mission is to provide the best LCOE solar products to customers worldwide.  Our company’s business covers solar cells, modules, inverters, energy storage systems, batteries and photovoltaic power stations. And we support OEM/ODM.

energy storage lithium battery

Additional information

Weight98 kg
Dimensions43 × 23 × 57 cm


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