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430-460 W N-Type 108 Cells Canadian Solar Bifacial Panels

400 watt pv panel n-type 108 cells Canadian solar bifacial panels

Cell TypeTOPCon cells
Cell Arrangement108 [2 X (9 X 6) ]
Dimensions1800 x 1134 x 30 mm (70.9 x 44.6 x 1.18 in)
Weight22.7 kg (50.0 lbs)
FrameAnodized aluminium alloy
J-BoxIP68, 3 bypass diodes
Cable4.0 mm2 (IEC), 12 AWG (UL)
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Unleash Maximum Power and Performance with This Next-Generation Solar Panel

This Canadian solar bifacial panel is highly technical and surprisingly durable, so it is good to  maximize your energy production and return on investment.

Canadian Solar Bifacial Panels Features:
  • Boost Your Energy Yield:

Generate 2.3% more energy over its 30-year lifespan thanks to advanced features like 16BB cells for less resistance and shading, low LID and anti-PID for minimized degradation, and a low-temperature coefficient that optimizes performance in hot climates. So you can use it with complete confidence, we always got your back.

  • Reduce System Costs, Increase ROI:

Experience significant cost savings with a 1.3% reduction in Balance of System (BOS) costs and a 1.5% decrease in Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). Additionally, benefit from a 3.4% improvement in your investment return and reduced shipping costs due to a higher capacity per container.

  • Unmatched Quality and Reliability:

Enjoy peace of mind with in-house manufacturing of top-quality materials, including high-efficiency TOPCon ingots and cells. This panel also undergoes rigorous double IEC testing for guaranteed performance. In addition,  it boasts exceptional resilience, withstanding heavy snow and wind loads.

  • Industry-Leading Warranties:

Backed by a comprehensive 25-year warranty on materials and workmanship, a 30-year linear power performance warranty, and minimal power degradation throughout its lifespan.

  • More Power, More Possibilities:

Generate more power with a sleek dual glass design and a module efficiency of up to 22.5%. Capture additional energy from sunlight reflected off the back of the panel with up to 85% power bifaciality.

Application Scenarios:

This canadian solar bifacial panel is not only suitable for home rooftops, but also suitable for commercial installation. It is also ideal for large industrial projects

400w pv panel CS6.1-54TB-430-460


solar pv panels CS6.1-54TB-430-460

Are Chinese Solar Panels Good Quality?

Yes, Chinese solar panels are  very high quality. Moreover, China is a leading manufacture of solar panels.


Jinko vs. Canadian Solar vs. Longi
ModelNo. of cellsMax powerEfficiencyWarrantyWeight
Canadian435W N-Type all black solar panel108 (54×2)435W22.30%30 YEARS22.7KG
Longi108 (6×18)435W22.30%30 YEARS20.8KG
Jinko108 (54×2)435W21.77%30 YEARS21.0KG


In short, when you want to buy Canadian solar bifacial panels:
consider the location where you want to install.
consider your load power.
consider your budget.
if you do not know which one to choose lastly, please feel free to contact our sales staff.


bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight22.7 kg
Dimensions180 × 113.4 × 3 cm


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