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2000W Home & Commercial Use NEP Solar Micro Inverter


The nep BDM-2000 micro inverter is the world’s thinnest and most efficient micro inverter, with global certifications and built-in surge protection.

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BDM-2000    The Best Roof Installation Option

BDM-2000,the 2000w micro solar inverter has high performance. It can provide reliable energy conversion solutions for residential and commercial solar power systems. This inverter possesses numerous remarkable benefits, rendering it a highly coveted product in the market.


Remarkable Efficiency:The BDM-2000 utilizes advanced technological design and offers high-efficiency conversion capability. It maximizes the conversion of direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into stable alternating current (AC). It provides a more stable and reliable power output. Its high efficiency design not only maximizes the solar system’s electricity generation but also reduces energy loss, resulting in cost savings. This microinverter boasts an efficiency of up to 97.1%, which means that it converts more sunlight into usable energy. This can help you cut down on your energy expenses and lower your carbon footprint.

Unparalleled Thinness:The BDM-2000 microinverter features a compact design and lightweight form factor, with a thickness of only 25mm, this microinverter is the thinnest in the world. This makes it easy to install and maintain, even in tight spaces. Its small size allows for versatility in various solar systems and flexible installation in different environments, saving installation space and enhancing overall system aesthetics.

Unmatched Safety:This microinverter comes with a number of safety features, including built-in grounding and lightning protection. With these features, you can use them with confidence, because they actively shield the system from harsh elements. BDM-2000 inverter boasts strong stability and high reliability. It is designed to function efficiently even in challenging environmental conditions. Therefore, it could guarantee sustained and stable power generation for your system in the long run.

In conclusion, this 2000w micro solar inverter is one of the top choices inverter for solar power systems, offering high efficiency, compact design, and dependable performance. Providing them with a sustainable and stable source of clean energy, it serves as an ideal solution for users. FOTOVO and NEP maintain a friendly and deep collaboration, dedicated to bringing more and better inverter products to humanity to promote the realization of green living.

More Details about BDM-2000

FOTOVO solar system

FOTOVO micro inverter 2000w details


Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions26.8 × 25 × 4.2 cm
MPPT Voltage Range /V


Startup Voltage /V


Max. Input Voltage /V


Max. Input Current /A

18 x4

Peak Output Power/VA


Rated Output Voltage /V


Nominal Frequency/Range /Hz


Max. Units per 20A Branch


Peak Effciency


MPPT Effciency


Operating Ambient Temperature Range /℃


Relative Humidity Range


DC Connector Type


AC Connection Type(inverter-inverter)

Trunk Cable

Communication Method

PLC or WiFi

Protection Class

IP 67


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