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Astronergy Transparent Black 400 Watt Bifacial Solar Panels

Cost-effective Tier1 400 watt bifacial solar panel for home use

Cell typen-type mono-crystalline
No. of cells108 (6*18)
Frame technologyAluminum, black anodized
Cable length (Including connector)Portrait: ( + )350 mm,( – )250 mm; Customized length
Cable diameter (IEC/UL)4 mm² / 12 AWG
Connector type (IEC/UL)HCB40 (Standard) / MC4-EVO2A (Optional)
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Introducing the Astronergy Solar Panel: A Powerful and Reliable Choice for Distributed Projects

The Astronergy 400 watt bifacial solar panel is suitable for homeowners and businesses. This Tier 1 solar panel can maximize  energy production and achieve long-lasting performance. Featuring a sleek ZBB design and high power output, this panel is ideal for distributed solar projects.

Astronergy black solar module ASTRO-N7s

400watt bifacial solar panels datasheet ASTRO-N7s

  • Elegant and Efficient Design:The ZBB design offers a visually appealing aesthetic while maximizing efficiency for better space utilization.
  • Perfect for Distributed Projects:This panel’s size and ease of installation make it suitable for a wide range of distributed solar applications, including residential rooftops and commercial installations.
  • Uncompromised Power:Experience high power output within a range of 430-450W, ensuring exceptional energy generation.
  • Built to Last:Enjoy superior reliability with features that minimize micro-cracks and ensure PID resistance. Easy installation and transportation further enhance its durability.
  • Capture More Sunlight:Benefit from bifacial gain technology that captures sunlight reflected off the back of the panel, generating additional energy.
  • Consistent Performance:Tight power sorting of 0~+3% ensures consistent panel output across your entire system.
Astronergy Solar Warranty:

Astronergy offers a 25-year product warranty and a 30-year linear power warranty. This ensures your 400 watt bifacial solar panels  are covered in case of material or workmanship defects and guarantees a minimum power output over their lifespan.


More than Astronergy Solar

We are your one-stop shop for all your 400 watt bifacial solar panel needs! In addition to Astronergy panels, we offer a  comprehensive selection from leading brands to suit your specific requirements.

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Let us explore the 400 watt bifacial solar panels future.

bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight21.5 kg
Dimensions176.2 × 113.4 × 3.0 cm


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