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FOTOVO FS-M500-ON 300/400/500W On-grid Balcony Solar Systems

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Balcony solar systems—–Maximize your outdoor space and embrace a greener future with solar panels for your balcony.
Our balcony systems offer a versatile solution that not only helps reduce your energy expenses but also allows you to contribute to a more sustainable environment.
Explore our range of options and find the perfect fit for your needs.



500W Solar Power Hoymiles Microinverter

MPPT Voltage Range: 16V-60V

Maximum Input Voltage: 65V

Startup Voltage: 22V

Maximum Input Power: 670+W

Maximum Input Current:16A

Peak Efficiency: 96.5%


Half Cell TOPCon 450W All Black Solar Panel (customization is available)

Maximum Power (Pmax/W): 450

Open Circuit Voltage(Voc/V): 42.25±3%

Short Circuit Current(Isc/A): 13.91±3%

Maximun Power Voltage(Vmp/V): 34.92

Maximum Power Current(Imp/A): 13.17

Module Efficiency(%): 21.32

Connector: MC4 Compatible

Dimensions: 1903mm*1134mm*35mm


Balcony PV Mounting System

Wind Load: up to 60m/s

Snow Load: up to 1.5KN/㎡

Material: Aluminium alloy(Anodized)

Applicable Solar Module: Framed

Panel Layout: Landscape

Small Components: Aluminium alloy (Anodized)

Color: Silver or Customized

Warranty: 5-Year Warranty


Why Choose Balcony Solar Systems
  • Smooth Establish

Balcony solar systems are a plug-and-play system composed of photovoltaic panel, micro inverter and angle-adjustable bracket, which can be mounted by yourself. Modular style without extra commission makes it possible for quicker and easier setup, the angle of the brace can be adjusted to obtain the maximum power generation.

  • Numerous Scenarios

Designed to be set up on balconies, gardens, flat roofs, walls and various other minimal outside areas, the solar energy system is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to produce electrical energy and lower power expenses.

  • Price Conserving

This 500W balcony solar systems bring flexibility to the home by specifically harnessing the power of solar power. Free on your own from regular monthly electric costs and make your lifestyle much less based on the grid. Its relaxed and pleasant setup permits the usage of unhampered power from verandas.

  • Flexible Angle

The 600w veranda solar power system enables hand-operated modification of the PV component angle to make the most of power result. Customers can establish an advised angle or make hand-operated modifications based upon seasonal time modifications.


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