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FOTOVO 10KW-30KW Three Phase Grid Tie System Solar

Solar Panel TypeMonocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon
Warranty5 years (standard) / 10 years (optional)
Output Voltage (V)127Vac / 220Vac, 3L / N / PE
Output Frequency50/60HZ
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Reduce your reliance on utility power and remove high-energy prices by generating your own renewable resources. This grid tie system solar is custom-created by FOTOVO to create a complete remedy.

This domestic grid-tie solar power system is suitable for clients who are aiming to add a solar variety system to their homes. A 10kW FOTOVO inverter forms the heart of this grid-tied solar system. This inverter efficiently converts it into usable AC power for your home when your solar panels are generating energy.

grid tie system solar datasheet

Solar Power Systems for Your Home

Looking for a reliable and economical way to harness renewable resource and reduce your reliance on typical utility firms? Look no more than our solar power system kits.

Our solar energy system packages consist of nearly everything you need to mount a grid-tied planetary system at your home or organization. The heart of the system is the solar selection. It includes top quality photovoltaic panels that transform sunshine into straight current (DC) electrical power.

Our packages likewise include grid-tie inverters, which connects your solar panels to your electric grid and permits you to market excess power back to your utility business. To transform the DC power generated by your solar variety into functional rotating current (AC) power, our kits likewise consist of a solar inverter. We offer micro-inverters, depending on the size and demands of your system.

By creating your very own solar power and offering excess power back to the utility grid, you can minimize your dependence on typical power sources and enjoy significant savings on your utility bills. And also, you’ll be doing your component to assist in saving the world by lowering your carbon impact.

So why wait? Purchase renewable energy and take control of your power requires with our trustworthy and reliable solar energy system sets.




10kw grid tie solar system

Additional information

Weight32 kg
Dimensions60 × 43 × 23 cm


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