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SUN-M80/100G4-EU-Q0 800W 1000W Grid Tie Micro Inverter


  • 2 MPP trackers, module level monitoring
  • IP67 protection degree, *10 years warranty
  • Rapid shutdown function
  • WIFI communication
  • Cabinet Size (WxHxD mm): 280×190×40 (Excluding Connectors and Brackets)
  • Weight(kg): 3


FOTOVO DEYE SUN-M80/100G4-EU-Q0 grid tie micro inverter- the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable solar power generation.

Deye 1kW On Grid Micro Inverter for Home

Optimize energy production, making it a must-have for any homeowner looking to harness the power of the sun.

  • Equipped with 2 MPP trackers and module level monitoring, the Deye 1000w grid tie micro inverter ensures maximum power output from your solar panels. So, this means you can maximize your energy production, ultimately saving on electricity costs. And then, with a maximum input DC voltage of 60V and MPPT voltage range of 25-55V, this micro inverter is versatile and compatible with a wide range of solar panel setups.
  • Safety is a top priority with the Deye grid tie micro inverter. Beacause it features IP67 protection degree, ensuring its durability and protection against harsh weather conditions. And also, the rapid shutdown function adds an extra layer of safety by quickly shutting down the system in case of emergencies or maintenance requirements.
  • Stay connected and monitor your solar power system effortlessly with the built-in WIFI communication feature. So, this allows you to access real-time data on your energy production, ensuring you stay informed and in control.
  • Measuring at just 280×190×40mm (excluding connectors and brackets), this micro inverter is compact and easy to install. What’s more, its lightweight design makes it convenient for mounting on any surface. Moreover, with an enclosure environmental rating of IP67, you can trust that this micro inverter will withstand the test of time.

The Deye 800w 1000W grid tie micro inverter comes with an impressive 10-year warranty. So this can guarantee its quality and performance. (*Note: For installations in Germany and Austria, a 15-year warranty is available).

So, come to unlock the full potential of your solar power system with the Deye 1000w micro inverter for Home. And then, experience the benefits of efficient energy production, advanced safety features, and seamless monitoring capabilities.

Additional Information: This grid tie micro inverter is compliant with various grid connection and safety standards including IEC, CEI, EN, NRS, RD, UNE, OVE, G98, VDE. It also meets the safety and EMC standards IEC/EN.


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