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6MM Black Red Solar PV Cable

The Lifeblood of Solar Power: PV Cable

TypeHigh Voltage
Cross-Section Area6mm2
Rated temperature-40~90℃
Rated RatingDC:1/1.8kv AC:0.6kv
Rated Current33~57A
Life time25 years
Cable specification2.5mm2 4mm2 6mm2 customizable open type
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Highly Durable Solar Cable for Efficient Power Transmission

This PV cable is designed to minimize power loss and ensure efficient transmission of electricity in your solar power system. Made with pure copper conductors, it boasts superior conductivity compared to aluminum alternatives. The addition of tin coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, further reducing power loss over time.

Solar power systems rely on specialized PV cables, also  known as solar power cables. These PV cables are specifically designed to meet the  unique challenges of photovoltaic power generation.

pv solar cable datasheet

Easy and Safe Installation

For safe and simple installation, the PV cable features a red and black color scheme for clear polarity identification. Please check the polarity of the battery carefully to ensure proper operation.

Built to Withstand the Elements

This heavy-duty PV cable is durable. The dual thick insulation layer protects the wires from harsh weather conditions, including UV rays and moisture. It also boasts a wide operating temperature range, functioning reliably in extreme cold (-40°F) or heat (194°F).

IEC Certified and Long-lasting

For your peace of mind, this solar cable is IEC certified, guaranteeing its safety and quality. Additionally, it boasts a remarkable lifespan exceeding 25 years.So it is a dependable investment for your solar power system.

Customization is available

This PV cable is customizable to meet your specific needs in terms of color, length, and diameter. We are here to customize solar power solutions according to your needs.

FOTOVO Customer Support

At FOTOVO, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. We offer a 2-year warranty on this solar cable. What’s more, our sales team is always available to address any questions you may have.

Wide Range of Applications

In addition to solar panel connections, this versatile cable is suitable for various low-voltage electronic equipment wiring, including applications in ships, automobiles, RVs, LED lights, DC circuits, and inverter systems.


bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight1 kg


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