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FOTOVO 460-485W Half Cell N-Type 182mm Bifacial Mono Solar Module


The N-type, 182mm, 16BB half-cut bifacial mono solar panel is a cutting-edge solar product that efficiently converts sunlight into electricity. Its N-type silicon cells deliver superior performance and stability, making it ideal for various solar power applications.

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485W N-Type 16BB Bifacial Mono Solar Panel: Your New Choice for Green Energy
  • Bifacial Mono Solar Module: FOTOVO has a one-of-a-kind double-sided power generation modern technology that not just makes complete use of frontal sunshine, however additionally makes use of the sun’s rays showed from the ground, which can raise the performance by 22.47% when taking full advantage of the light.
  • 16BB Design: FOTOVO 460-485W half cell N-type 182mm bifacial mono solar module attributes advanced 16 busbars technology, which is less affected by shadows and gloom and supplies even more power. The module’s efficiency is more effective. 16BB solar cell has a lower danger of microcracks and a much longer lifespan contrasted to the typical 9BB solar cell.
  • Long Lasting Solar Panel: FOTOVO 460-485w half cell n-type bifacial mono solar module can versus the bad atmosphere such as hail storms, snow, and ice. Both the IP68 joint box and MC4 solar connectors are water-resistant. The solar panel’s structure is made from aluminum to make the panel a lot more stable and sturdy. You can rest very easily outdoors with our panel solar, which helps your gadget receive sunshine efficiently. Our paneles solares is certified CE.
  • Easy To Mount And Wide Applications: Pre-drilled openings on the back of the solar panel for quick mounting and protecting.  Due to the fact that it is easy to install, it can likewise be used in many places. Solar panels for motor homes, home roofing, campers, luxury yachts, taking in the sights car, and even more.
  • Long Warranty: FOTOVO assures a 30-year item warranty and lifetime service. Please feel free to contact us whenever you have any problems with FOTOVO solar panels. We will supply you with a professional guide to building a solar energy system.

bifacial mono solar module

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Additional information

Weight27.2 kg
Dimensions190.3 × 113.4 × 3.5 cm
Maximum System Voltage(V)

1500 V

Maximum Series Fuse Rating(A)

30 A

Power Tolerance

0~+3 W

Pmax Temperature Coefficients( W/℃)

-0.300 %/℃

Voc Temperature Coefficients( V/℃)

-0.250 %/℃

Isc Temperature Coefficients( A/℃)

+0.046 %/℃

NMOT Nominal Module Operating Temperature(℃)

45±2 ℃

Operating and Storage Temperature(℃)

-40~+85 ℃

Cell Type

182*91 N Type Bifacial Mono

No. of Cells







Anodized Aluminium Alloy

Junction box

IP68 3diodes

Output cables

4mm² cable 35cm(Including MC4 connector)

MaxWind Load/Snow Load

2400Pa / 5400Pa


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