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FOTOVO Complete Solar Mounting System for Roof

Product nameSolar Roof Mounting System
Wind Loadup to 60m/s
Snow Load1.4KN/m2
ApplicationPV Solar Panel Installation
Surface TreatmentAnodized
Warranty20 years
SKU: FTV-MS-ROOF Category: Tag: Product ID: 25706


Securely Mount Your Solar Panels with Our Aluminum Flat Roof Mounting System

The Solar Roof Mounting System is a universal and adjustable mounting solution designed specifically for flat concrete roofs. We use high-grade anodized aluminum to manufacture the system . It has excellent durability and a stylish modern design that is perfect for your roof.

solar panel mount datasheet

Guaranteed Performance and Ease of Use

This system boasts a 25-year service life and comes backed by a comprehensive 20-year warranty, ensuring you peace of mind for decades to come. Our innovative rail and rail nut design significantly simplifies installation, reducing time and costs. The unique rail extension method eliminates the need for cutting, allowing for precise millimeter-accurate assembly.

Unmatched Versatility and Compatibility

The Solar Roof Mounting System is engineered to accommodate a wide range of PV module sizes from all major manufacturers. The flexibility of the system allows easy installation of frame solar panels.

Strength and Reliability You Can Count On

This heavy-duty mounting system is meticulously engineered to withstand demanding weather conditions. It can endure wind loads of up to 60 m/s and snow loads of 1.4 kN/m². It is suitable for even the harshest environments. We use high-quality extruded aluminum and stainless steel to produce every component. So this solar roof mounting kit has excellent strength and durable performance.

Complete Mounting Solution

The Solar Module Mounts include all the necessary components for a secure and efficient solar panel installation on your flat roof. This includes fixation parts, L feet, rails, rail joiners, mid clamps, end clamps, weed washers, grounding lugs, and everything you need to securely mount your solar modules.

More Than Just Flat Roofs

This system is a great choice for flat roofs. But don’t worry, We can customize different solar installation systems according to your specific requirements.

Invest in a worry-free solar future with the Solar Roof Mounting System. Contact us now to learn more about this solar roof mounting system. And explore the full potential of your solar energy system.


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Additional information

Weight20 kg


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