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5kW Off-grid All In One Solar System for Home

All in one solar system : hot selling 5kw solar power system CE TUV battery energy storage system
Model Number:FS-5KW-AOFF
System Type:Off Grid Solar System
Solar Power: 5KW
SKU: FS-5KW-AOFF Category: Tags: , Product ID: 25175


Unleash Solar Power with the All-in-One 5kW Solar System

This innovative 5kW all in one solar system offers a complete clean energy solution for your home, conveniently packaged and ready to deliver exceptional performance.

455/550W Mono Solar Panel10pcs
Off Grid Inverter1pc
12V 200AH/250 GEL Battery2pcs
Lithium Battery48V/51.2V 100ah
DC Cable100 Meters
MC4 Connector4 Pairs
Mounting SystemGround or Roof ( Custom optional )

*This is a demonstration about 5kW all in one solar system.


Packed with Power


The system boasts a high-density battery that efficiently stores solar energy, ensuring you have power when you need it most. This integrated unit seamlessly combines the battery with a powerful inverter.


Built for Performance


Experience superior charging and discharging capabilities, even at high currents.


Effortless Power, Tailored for You

FOTOVO’s energy storage systems are designed to seamlessly handle your energy demands, no matter the size or complexity. In addition, FOTOVO offers customizable and scalable solutions.


Long-lasting Durability


Enjoy peace of mind with a battery designed for a long operational lifespan. This translates to reduced maintenance costs and a system you can rely on for years to come.


Unmatched Safety


Multiple built-in safeguards ensure the system operates safely and protects your investment.  These protections include:

  • Overcharge and over-discharge voltage protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • High-temperature protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse connection protection
  • ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection
  • Smart Monitoring and Control


The all-in-one solar system provides not only comprehensive data transmission but also parallel networking capabilities through its RS485 and RS232 ports. You can monitor and control remotely. Thus, you have valuable insights into your energy production and consumption.


Accurate SOC and SOH


The system goes beyond simple monitoring by offering accurate State of Charge (SOC) and State of Health (SOH) calculations. Therefore, you can optimize solar power generation based on the information it gives you.

Finally, let’s embrace clean energy simplicity with this 5kW all-in-one solar system.  And then experience reliable power, exceptional performance, and advanced safety features – all in a user-friendly, integrated design.


Off Grid solar Kit

Additional information

Weight51 kg
Dimensions85 × 48 × 16 cm


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