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FOTOVO 7 IN 2 OUT Solar Combiner Box

PV Combiner Box:

Model NumberSolar Combiner Box
Rated Voltage500 VDC
Ambient Temperature-25℃~+65℃
Protection LevelIP65
SKU: FTV-CB-7I2O Category: Tag: Product ID: 25719


The PV Combiner Box is a vital element for any kind of solar energy system. Essentially, it serves as a junction box, efficiently integrating the DC output from multiple photovoltaic panel strings right into a single, unified outcome. This structured method provides a plethora of benefits for both household and business solar installations.

Feature-Rich for Ideal Efficiency:

pv combiner box datasheet

Indoor/Outdoor Adaptability:

The PV Combiner Box is made to endure these aspects, making it suitable for both indoor and exterior setups. This flexibility gives higher flexibility in system layout and placement.


High Input Ability:

With an optimum accessibility of 16 private PV strings, each ranked for as much as 20A, the PV Combiner Box can manage considerable solar energy generation. This scalability accommodates a wide range of system sizes.


Broad Voltage Acceptance:

The PV Combiner Box boasts a variety of DC input voltage compatibility, with an optimum score of as much as 500/1000VDC. This adaptability ensures smooth assimilation with numerous solar panel setups.


Enhanced Safety:

Committed integrates for each and every PV string supply individual circuit defense, securing the system in instance of mistakes. Additionally, a high-voltage lightning security tool guards both positive and unfavorable poles from damaging electric rises, ensuring the system’s long life.


Scalability for Larger Equipments:

The ability to attach multiple PV Combiner Box s in parallel permits the production of also bigger solar power systems, perfect for business applications.


Streamlined Upkeep:

The PV Combiner Box is easy to mainten. Its easily accessible design facilitates quick inspection and element substitute if necessary.


Optional Remote Surveillance:

For improved system tracking and control, an optional remote tracking function can be incorporated, enabling real-time information access and performance optimization.



The PV Combiner Box  is an effective and flexible service that enhances solar energy generation. Its large range of functions and adaptable style make it a useful property for any type of solar energy system.


bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions15.5 × 40 × 30 cm


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