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210W 36V Submersible Deep Solar Water Pump

FOTOVO Solar Water Pump System :

It is suitable for residential and commercial use, as well as for agriculture irrigation.

Model Number:FP-2SS-75-36-210-LV
Max flow:1.5m3/h
Max head:75m
SKU: FP-2SS-75-36-210-LV Category: Tags: , Product ID: 25762


Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Water Pumping with Solar Energy

Introducing the brand new solar water pump, developed to supply effective and reputable water flow while being environmentally friendly. This innovative pump utilizes solar power to run. So this way removes the requirement for fossil fuels and decreases your overall energy consumption.

solar water pump datasheet


Clean Energy

Takes advantage of the power of the sunlight for a sustainable and eco-friendly service to your water pumping requirements.

Submersible Design

Runs faultlessly even when submerged as much as 75 meters, making it excellent for deep wells and various water resources.

Long Lasting Building

Constructed with high-quality materials to make sure long-lasting performance and a dependable water supply for several years ahead.

Leak-Proof Design

Engineered to prevent leaks and make certain risk-free and reliable procedure.


Just how to Select the Right Solar Water Pump:

Selecting one of the most ideal solar water pump needs considering a few vital elements:

Water Needs

Identify the purpose of the pump and the daily water quantity called for. This will certainly determine the pump’s flow rate (e.g., 1.5 cubic meters per hour in this case).


Make sure the pump’s completely submersible depth (75 meters in this case) meets the depth of your well or water source.

Head Lift

Consider the upright distance the water needs to be pumped (e.g., 75 meters in this situation).


Solar Water Pump Installment:

Solar water pumps are usually easy to set up. A typical installation involves:

  1. Positioning the photovoltaic panels in a bright area.
  2. Immersing the pump in the water resource.
  3. Linking the pump to the photovoltaic panel using the offered wires.
  4. Linking the pump to the LV controller (if applicable).


Solar Water Pump Parts:

Solar Panels

Transform sunlight right into electrical energy to power the water pump.

LV Controller

Controls and secures the pump by handling the inbound voltage from the solar panels.

Water Pump

Submersible pump extracts water from the source through provided electrical energy.



bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight32 kg
Dimensions175 × 45 × 39 cm


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