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FOTOVO 100W 200W Small BIPV Full Black Shingled Module

FSM100-200M-BIPV 100W 200W BIPV Full Black Shingled Module

  • Better heat dissipation, greater security
  • More area to soak up sunshine
  • High transfer effectiveness: > 22%.
  • Mono PERC cell of 1110 X 500 X 30 mm size.
  • Front glass 3.2 mm (0.13 inches) Low Iron and Tempered glass with ARC coating.
  • Outstanding Low-Light Efficiency.


Building a Sustainable Future with High-Performance BIPV Modules

Some thing about the full black shingled module — Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are transforming the building market by effortlessly mixing solar energy generation with structure products. These cutting-edge components not just capture the sun’s power to produce tidy power however also act as practical structure parts.

Key Components for High-Efficiency BIPV Full Black Shingled Module

High-Efficiency Cells: The large Mono PERC cell (1110 x 500 x 30 mm) records a considerable quantity of sunlight, optimizing energy manufacturing.

Boosted Warm Dissipation: The design likely enables boosted warm dissipation, which is critical for preserving cell performance.

Tempered Low-Iron Glass: The 3.2 mm low-iron toughened up glass with ARC finish guarantees exceptional light passage and sturdiness, protecting the solar cells while reducing light loss.

Extraordinary Low-Light Performance: This BIPV system excels at generating electrical power also in less-than-ideal lights problems.


The Benefits of BIPV Technology

Enhanced Energy Manufacturing: The huge surface and high-efficiency cells convert to substantial electrical energy generation.

Improved Structure Efficiency: BIPV modules can add to far better thermal insulation and decreased cooling down loads, reducing overall power consumption.

Improved Safety: The tempered glass supplies a robust layer of protection for the building envelope.

Cost-Effectiveness: BIPV systems can counter the cost of conventional structure materials while producing electricity, bring about long-lasting savings.

Environmental Sustainability: By using renewable solar energy, BIPV modern technology minimizes reliance on nonrenewable fuel sources and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

By integrating high-performance BIPV components like the full black shingled module, structures can change right into sustainable power generators, adding to a greener future.

Applications for the Full Black Shingled Module — BIPV Innovation
  • Structure Facades: Cladding wall surfaces with BIPV panels transforms them into power generators.
  • Roofs: BIPV roof create clean power while supplying weather condition defense.
  • Shading Instruments: Awnings and louvers outfitted with BIPV modules supply color and power.
  • Skylights: BIPV skylights illuminate interiors normally while producing power.
  • These applications display the adaptability of BIPV technology, making it suitable for various building kinds.
bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer


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