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FOTOVO All Black Shingled Frameless Bifacial Solar Module

FSM395-410M-FHD Frameless Bifacial Solar Module

  • Better heat dissipation, higher safety
  • More area to absorb sunlight
  • High transfer efficiency: >22%
  • Mono PERC cell of 1715 X 1135 X 7.5 mm size
  • Front glass 3.2 mm (0.13 inches) Low Iron and Tempered glass with ARC coating
  • Outstanding Low-Light Performance


FOTOVO Frameless Bifacial Solar Module–BIPV COMPONENTS

This frameless bifacial solar module is Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) modules. This kind of solar panel offers flexibility in their light capturing abilities. They can utilize either crystalline silicon solar cells, known for their high efficiency, or thin-film technologies like amorphous silicon, cadmium telluride, and copper indium gallium selenide. Modern advancements allow for varying degrees of transparency in BIPV modules. This can be achieved by strategically spacing opaque solar cells or by using transparent thin-film materials.

BIPV components change conventional structure envelope products while additionally creating power. By avoiding the cost of traditional building and construction materials, the PV system life-cycle cost is substantially improved.

Features of the frameless bifacial solar module

  • Better heat dissipation, greater security
  • More area to soak up sunshine
  • High transfer effectiveness: > 22%.
  • Mono PERC cell of 1715 X 1135 X 3.5 mm size.
  • Front glass 3.2 mm (0.13 inches) Low Iron and Tempered glass with ARC coating.
  • Outstanding Low-Light Efficiency.
And Also–Strength Versus Harsh Weather

Withstanding Wind and Snow Loads: We engineere the frameless bifacial solar modules to endure severe weather, consisting of wind tons of approximately 2400 Pascal and snow tons of approximately 5400 Pascal, ensuring durable resilience in diverse environments.

  • BIPV components are aesthetically appealing & blend well with the building structure.
  • BIPV module when replacing the wall surface offers energetic sound termination.
  • Reduces a building’s energy usage by making use of solar energy & lowering cooling and heating loads.
  • Boost the structure’s status and assessment.

BIPV is a multifunctional item that produces electricity and changes traditional building products by serving as a considerable climate barrier on property building surfaces.

BIPV systems can be mounted during the building stage of a structure or deployed throughout a retrofit of an existing building when one of the envelope parts needs to be changed. The constructed setting enables lots of means to integrate BIPV.

There are 3 major application areas for BIPV:

  • Roof coverings (e.g. shingles, floor tiles, skylights).
  • Building facades (e.g. cladding, drape wall surfaces, home windows).
  • Externally incorporated systems (e.g. porch barriers, shielding systems).
bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer


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