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FOTOVO 100kW 215kWh Outdoor Cabinet Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

FLI-Y100K-C215 100kw 215kwh cabinet BESS

  • 215kWh/230KWH
  • RS232/RS485/WiFi/4G/Ethernet
  • up to 10 parallel outputs
  • integrate EMS, energy storage converter, energy storage battery, cooling and air conditioning, fire protection system and system power distribution


Reinvent your energy storage space with the 100kW 215kwh cabinet battery energy storage system.

FOTOVO 100kW 215kWh Outdoor Cabinet BESS

This ingenious system uses a powerful combination of features that benefit both homes and companies.

Features of the 215kwh cabinet battery
  • Easy to Make Use Of and Set up: This ingenious battery system comes pre-assembled and prepared to go. All the elements collaborate perfectly, making it a real “plug-and-play” option for quick and very easy setup.
  • Safe and Efficient: Security and performance are top priorities. The innovative style reduces power loss during storage space and distribution, saving you cash and increasing performance. Additionally, the system integrates with Energy Management (EMS) and Battery Administration (BMS) systems, offering advanced tracking and control capacities.
  • Smart and Flexible: This easy to use battery functions programmable operation settings and a touchscreen user interface for easy control. It additionally enables connection to solar panels via both air conditioner and DC coupling. This will offer better versatility for integrating renewable energy resources.
  • Grid-Ready: This 215kwh cabinet battery solution perfectly incorporates with the power grid. It includes four-mode power control for both active and responsive power, along with Reduced Voltage Ride-Through (LVRT) and High Voltage Ride-Through (HVRT) capacities, ensuring steady and trustworthy procedure.
  • Remarkable Efficiency: With an optimum performance of 95% and a 100kW maximum input rating, this battery delivers outstanding efficiency and dependability for numerous applications.

The 100kW 215kwh cabinet battery appropriates for both household and commercial applications. This ingenious battery system offers simple installment, safety and security attributes, and effective operation, making it suitable for house owners and businesses looking to maximize their renewable resource use and reduce their dependancy on the grid.

In short, the 100kW 215kWh Modular Outdoor Integrated Cabinet Lithium Battery is an innovative power storage space remedy that integrates sophisticated modern technology with an easy to use layout. Its smooth assimilation, security attributes, and performance make it the ideal selection for optimizing power storage, minimizing prices, and guaranteeing dependable efficiency.


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