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100kW Energy Storage System for Commercial Industrial Use

Model Number:FS-500KW-ESS
System Type:Hybrid Solar System
Solar Power:100kW / 200kW / 300kW / 500KW
Output Voltage:320V-460V
CoolingAir Cooling


A Battery Power Storage System (BESS) is a modern technology that allows for the storage of electric energy in batteries for later usage. A 100kw energy storage system is a crucial part of renewable resource production systems, such as photovoltaic or pv photovoltaic panels and wind turbines. Moreover, it assists in dealing with the issue of periodic power supply from these sources.

FS-500KW-ESS 100/200/300/500KW
1Solar panelMono / Poly 550W276pcs
2PV combiner box/3pcs
4Hybrid Inverter150kw1pc
5Lithium Battery with Rock / Container420~850VCustomizable according to requirements
8PV cables (solar panel to PV combiner box)6mm21600M
9BVR Cables (PV combiner box to Inverter)35mm2200M
10BVR Cables ( Hybrid Inverter to Battery)35mm2 5m4pcs


A BESS runs by saving excess power produced during times of high production and supplying it during times of reduced production or high demand. Battery energy storage systems (BESS) play a crucial role in maintaining a balanced and reliable power grid. Hybrid solar system can help improve the efficiency of power generation and distribution by storing excess energy. Moreover it reduces the need for additional power plants and transmission lines.

What does this 100kW energy storage system include?


Solar Panels: These are the key parts of off-grid systems, and they convert sunlight right into electricity. The panels charge batteries at the daytime.


Batteries: They capture extra energy produced by solar panels during the day. At night, it supplies electricity to homes and businesses.


Inverters: It can convert direct current stored in batteries or collected by solar panels into alternating current.


BESS are available in a variety of sizes and arrangements, from little house units to large utility systems. They can be mounted at various factors within the power grid, consisting of homes, business buildings, and substations. They can additionally be made use of to offer emergency situation backup power in the event of a blackout.


In addition to improving the reliability and performance of the power system, BESS can also help lower greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing the need for fossil fuel power generation.


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100kW hybrid solar kit

Additional information

Weight3325 kg
Dimensions160 × 105 × 205 cm


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