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30-50kW Solar Kit Off Grid BESS for Industry and Commerce

Type :Off-grid Solar System
Max. Power :50KW
Output Voltage :400V
Warranty :5 Years
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Why go off-grid with a Power Bank?

This solar kit off grid  is utilized for power storage in power energy storage systems. With its high battery storage and output power, It appropriates for commercial and commercial structures. The battery path is an aluminum-shell lithium iron phosphate battery. Additionally, the battery monitoring system can keep an eye on and save battery pack criteria in genuine time to attain defense. Meets applications such as peak shaving, height shaving and valley filling, and off grid back-up power supply for power energy storage systems.


Customization is available

We can offer different energy solutions according to the customers’ requirements. Plus, If you want to extend your energy requirements in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you solutions and components according to your updated needs.


What’s in Off Grid Solar System?
Solar Panel

Solar panels come in all sizes and watts for mobility or long-term installing. Find the very best panel for a home, off grid living, or perhaps outdoor camping.


Solar Charge Controller

MPPT charge controllers check solar panels, selecting the optimal voltage for the present situation, or optimal power factor tracking (MPPT). Charge controllers ensure your solar system runs smoothly.


Solar Inverter

Without an inverter, solar energy is quite pointless. It turns DC present from solar power or a battery right into the more easily accessible 120/240v to run all your AC appliances.


Solar Battery

Solar batteries store power gathered from your solar panels. Typically described as deep cycle batteries as they’re made to charge or ‘cycle’ often times.



Choosing the Right Off-grid Solar System:


The ideal solar kit off grid size depends on your specific needs – the amount of energy you consume and the amount of sunlight your location receives. Contact us and we will help you design a system that meets your off grid energy needs!

100kW hybrid solar kit

Additional information

Weight400 kg
Dimensions98 × 56 × 129 cm


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