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410-420W Half Cell N Type Full Black Shingled Solar Module

TypeAll Black Shingled Single Glass with Frame
th=”38.6400%”>Maximum Power415 W
Maximum Power Voltage36.74 V
Maximum Power Current11.37 A
Power Tolerance Range0~+2.99 %
Maximum Series Fuse20 A
Maximum System Voltage1000V DC
Cell TechnologyMono-Si Shingled
Glass Thickness3.2mm front


Shingled Solar Panels: A Revolutionary Innovation

The globe of solar energy is continuously innovating, creating brand-new innovations to capture the sunlight’s power better. Shingled full black module, a current advancement in photovoltaic panel layout, are obtaining grip because of their unique features and possible advantages. This article gives a summary of shingled solar technology, exploring its essential qualities, applications, and installment procedure.

Shingled Modern technology

Shingled photovoltaic panels vary from conventional photovoltaic panels in their cell layout. Typical panels utilize solar cells linked by level bows (busbars) that develop voids in between the cells. On the other hand, shingled modules take a shingle-like technique. Solar battery are cut into smaller strips and overlapped, covering a greater area and revealing more cells to sunshine.

This innovative design uses numerous advantages over standard solar panels:

  • Increased Power Output
  • Boosted Shading Tolerance
  • Improved Visual appeals
  • Potentially Greater Sturdiness
Applications about the shingled full black module

Shingled solar modules are a compelling choice for a range of applications because of their distinct features:

  • Residential Rooftops: Homeowners prioritizing looks and maximizing power output from limited roof area will discover shingled components an attractive alternative. Their capacity to create more power per square foot can be specifically useful for property owners with restricted roof space.
  • Commercially Sensitive Areas: Structures where look is a significant concern, such as resorts, hotels, or office complex, can benefit from the sleek look of shingled components.
  • Areas with Potential Shading: Locations prone to partial shielding throughout the day can see better efficiency with shingled components’ exceptional shade resistance.
About mounting

The setup process for the shingled full black module is normally comparable to that of traditional photovoltaic panels.

However, it’s important to seek advice from a qualified solar installer accustomed to the details qualities of shingled modules.


Shingled solar modules stand for a significant advancement in solar innovation. Their ingenious style offers boosted power outcome, boosted shade resistance, improved looks, and possibly higher longevity. While they might come at a somewhat higher price than traditional panels, the advantages they supply make them a worthwhile factor to consider for home owners, companies, and engineers looking for a high-performance and aesthetically enticing solar option.

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