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FOTOVO 10000W Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Solar Inverter with Two MPPT


Pure Sine Wave Power: Provides clean, reliable electricity to run all your appliances.

Ultra-Efficient MPPT: Harnesses the maximum power from your solar panels for superior energy production.

Durable: Functions reliably and maintains integrity across various temperature extremes, from -15°C to 60°C.

Quiet Operation (under 50dB): Enjoy peace and tranquility alongside clean energy.


Flexibility and Adaptability: The 10000W Pure Sine Wave Off-Grid Solar Inverter

Let loose the power of the sunlight and achieve true energy independence with the advanced 10000W off-grid solar inverter. This robust inverter changes DC solar power right into clean, secure air conditioning power, equipping you to run your entire off-grid home or company straight from the sun.

Exceptional Efficiency and Customization:


Pure Sine Wave Outcome: Power also one of the most delicate electronics with self-confidence. This inverter produces pure sine wave A/C electrical energy, simulating the high-quality grid power, guaranteeing safe and reliable operation for all your devices.


Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): Extract the maximum capacity from your PV panels. The incorporated MPPT controller intelligently gets used to real-time conditions, continuously maximizing solar input for peak power generation.


Built for Diverse Settings:


Wide Operating and Storage Temperatures: This 1KW off grid solar inverter prospers in different climates. With a wide temperature tolerance (-15°C to 60°C for storage and 0°C to 40°C for operation), this inverter is suitable for a broad range of locations.


Ultra-Quiet Efficiency: Enjoy a peaceful off-grid experience with a whisper-quiet noise degree of much less than 50 dB.


Tailored Power Management:


Flexible Billing Present: Enhance battery charging for various battery types and capabilities. You can make improvements the charging current to guarantee effective and safe charging for your lead-acid or lithium battery bank (versions readily available for both).


Comprehensive Safety Protections: Integrated safeguards make certain the safety and security of your inverter, batteries, and devices, giving you total peace of mind.


Easy To Use User Interface: Monitor and manage your whole system with an instinctive user interface. Gain important insights right into power generation, intake, and inverter status.


The 10000W off-grid solar inverter is ideal for:
  • Residences, cabins, and off-grid buildings with high power requirements
  • Businesses and workshops looking for a trustworthy solar energy resource
  • Remote areas where grid link is not available

Welcome power freedom and a lasting lifestyle with the 10000W off-grid solar inverter. Choose the lead-acid or lithium battery version that finest fits your requirements and contact us solar professionals today to design your customized off-grid power remedy!

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