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HV Brick Type 20kWh LiFePO4 Battery for Home

High performance Stacked Lithium Battery for Home Use

Module Capacity (kWh)20
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HV Brick: Your Powerful and Flexible High-Voltage LiFePO4 Battery Option

Introducing the HV Stack Kind LifEPO4 Battery 20KWh-a giant of energy storage space that offers unparalleled performance and dependability. Developed with cutting-edge innovation and automotive-grade procedures, this battery is an excellent solution for your energy needs.


Unrivaled Performance and Safety:


BMS Self-developed: Our internal Battery Monitoring System (BMS) makes sure ideal efficiency and safety and security by exactly monitoring and managing each cell. Therefore, you can use it with confidence.

Automotive Quality Refine: We make these batteries using the same strict processes which is used by car companies. So they are durable.


Scalable Power for Any Application:


Host Integrated High Voltage Component: The integrated high voltage component simplifies system style and enhances installation.

Power Development Easily: Easily connect several HV Brick lifepo4 Batteries in alongside produce a high-capacity battery system that flawlessly suits your demands.


Developed for User Convenience:


Easy Installation: Bid farewell to challenging configurations – this battery is made for convenient setup, guaranteeing a smooth assimilation right into your existing system. Moreover, the compact and modular style allows for fast and easy installation.


LOGO Customization: Customize your HV Stacked Battery with your firm logo for a professional touch. Additionally, we offer samples for testing.


Technical Specifications:


Nominal Voltage: 409V

Ranked Capability: 50Ah

Interaction: RS485/ CONTAINER

Dimension: 580 x 360 x 870 mm

Weight: 280kg

Battery cells: EVE


The HV Brick is the excellent option for a vast array of applications, consisting of:


Renewable energy storage space (solar, wind).

Business and industrial back-up power.

Electric car billing terminals.

Off-grid power systems.


Due to its security and remarkable scalability, the high voltage lifepo4 battery is the best choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re powering a domestic solar system, a business center, or an off-grid operation, HV lifepo4 Brick Battery supplies the dependable and efficient power storage space you need.

So, it is time to purchase the future of energy storage with the HV lifepo4 battery!




lifepo4 battery packaging

Additional information

Weight280 kg
Dimensions58 × 36 × 87 cm


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