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FOTOVO 435-450W Half Cell P-Type 120 Cells Mono Solar Panel for Home Appliances

Battery TypeSingle crystal
Battery Slicedth=”284″>120(6*2


Component Size1904*1134*30mm
Glass Thickness 2.0mm
Border Type Anodized aluminum profile
Junction BoxIP68, 3SPLIT
Cable Section 4mm²(IEC),12AWG(UL)
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Maximize Your Solar Energy Generation with the High-Efficiency 435W Half-Cell PERC Panel

FOTOVO mono 550w solar panel for home appliances is designed for high power output. So it is a great choice for owners and services seeking to optimize solar manufacturing.

What Makes a Great Solar Panel?
Unrivaled Efficiency:

Half-Cell PERC Modern technology: Leveraging sophisticated Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology and half-cut cell layout, this panel flaunts premium performance in converting sunshine into electrical power, also in low-light problems.

High Power Output: Produce between 435W and 450W of clean energy, maximizing your return on investment and decreasing the variety of panels required for your desired power needs.

Developed to Last:

Resilient Construction: Engineered with solid mechanical residential properties, this solar panel for home appliances can stand up to rough climate conditions. It can sustain extreme temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to +85 ° C.

Industry-Leading Service warranty: Take pleasure in assurance with a 12-year material and workmanship service warranty, adhered to by an exceptional 25-year linear power output warranty. This guarantees your panel keeps ideal efficiency for years. The warranty assurances minimal power degradation, with much less than 2% power loss in the first year and an optimum of 0.55% reduction annually after that.

IP68 Joint Box: The water-resistant joint box safeguards the panel’s electric connections from dust and moisture, making sure reliable procedure.

Solitary Crystal Silicon: Created with top notch single-crystal silicon cells, this panel guarantees peak effectiveness and lasting dependability.

Additional Benefits:

Lowered Shielding Loss: The half-cell style minimizes the influence of shielding on total panel output, ensuring constant power manufacturing also when partially shaded.

Lasting Remedy: Invest in a tidy and lasting future by producing your own renewable energy with this green photovoltaic panel.

Finally, boasting a power rating of 435W to 450W, it utilizes half-cell PERC technology for exceptional performance.  Furthermore, its robust construction and industry-leading warranty inspire confidence in its long-term durability.


Product Parameter





bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight29 kg
Dimensions191 × 114 × 3 cm


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