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High Voltage Stackable Lithium Solar Battery for Energy Storage System

Nominal voltage409V
Rated capacity50Ah
End-of-charge voltage466V
End-of-discharge voltage339V
Max. charge current50A
Max. discharge current50A
CommunicationRS485/ CAN
Size (mm)580*360*870mm
Weight (kg)280kg (about)


Stackable High-Voltage Lithium Battery: Powerful and Modular

First, the high voltage stackable lithium solar battery is an advanced energy storage solution that boasts a battery energy capacity of 20kWh and a battery capacity of 50Ah. And also, with communication capabilities through RS485/CAN protocols, this battery system is equipped for efficient data exchange and monitoring. The BMS (Battery Management System) is self-developed, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Furthermore, built using automotive-grade processes, this battery system is designed for durability and reliability in demanding environments. The host integrated high voltage module allows for seamless integration into various applications.

Additionally, the option for LOGO customization provides a personalized touch to the system. One of the key features of this battery system is its power expansion capability, allowing for easy scalability based on energy requirements. Its easy installation process further enhances its usability, making it a convenient and versatile solution for various energy storage needs. In conclusion, the high voltage stackable lithium solar battery offers a cutting-edge energy storage solution with advanced features, making it a top choice for businesses and individuals looking for reliable and efficient power solutions.

Key Features of the stackable lithium solar battery:
  • Stackable Design:

Easily add more battery units to increase total capacity as your needs grow.

  • High-Quality Construction:

Manufactured with top-grade materials and processes for long-lasting durability and reliability (automotive grade).

  • Seamless Integration:

Integrates easily into your system with a built-in high voltage module.

  • Brand Your Battery:

Customize the battery with your logo.

  • Scalable Power:

Expand the battery capacity freely by adding more units.

  • Simple Installation:

Designed for quick and easy setup.

For a personalized quote, please contact us:

We understand that your requirements may vary. So, to ensure you receive the most accurate information, please contact us to discuss:

  • Specific Applications: How will you be using the battery system?
  • Desired Quantity: How many battery units do you need?
Finally, we offer competitive pricing and additional benefits:
  • Volume Discounts: Purchase larger quantities and enjoy greater savings per unit.

Contact us today to receive a personalized quote!

Additional information

Size (mm)


Weight (kg)

280kg (about)


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