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FOTOVO 204-409V 50AH Stacked High Voltage Lithium Battery


  • Stacked High Voltage Lithium Battery
  • Simple to install
  • Compatible with most energy storage inverters
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Unleash Next-Gen Energy Storage

The 50Ah Stacked High Voltage Lithium Battery is part of the Antelope series.  And what’s more, it is a cutting-edge energy storage solution that stands out in the market.

With its plug and play feature, this battery is not only convenient to use, but also allows for easy expansion of capacity as needed. Its sleek fashion design adds a touch of style to any installation. What sets this battery apart is its automotive-grade security architecture BMS, ensuring the safety and reliability of the system. With a long cycle life, users can count on this battery to last for years to come. Additionally, the battery supports customization to fit specific needs and requirements.

One of the key advantages of the 50Ah High Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery is its impressive power and longevity. Compared to traditional batteries, this one boasts twice the power, lasts three times longer, and charges in half the time.

Designed for outdoor use, this battery system is simple to install and is compatible with most energy storage inverters from industry-leading manufacturers. Whether you are using Deye, Sol-Ark, SMA, Schneider, Growatt, Atess, Outback, Megarevo, or any other top brands, this battery seamlessly integrates with them. Overall, the 50Ah High Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery is a reliable and efficient energy storage solution that delivers exceptional performance. Its ease of use, customizable features, and compatibility with leading inverters make it a top choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Invest in the Future of Energy Storage:

The Antelope 50Ah High Voltage Stacked Lithium Battery is the epitome of reliability and efficiency. Its user-friendly design, customizable features, and universal compatibility make it the perfect energy storage solution for residential and commercial applications alike. Experience the Antelope difference and elevate your energy storage game today!

Additional information

Nominal voltage


Rated capacity



RS485/ CAN

Size (mm)

580*360*570mm / 580*360*720mm / 580*360*870mm

Weight (kg)

100kg (about) / 141kg (about) / 280kg (about)


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