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51.2V 100Ah Rack Mount Lifepo4 Battery 5kwh

Power expansion freely 51.2V 100Ah 200Ah Rack Mount Lifepo4 Battery 5kwh 7.6kwh 10kwh

Nominal voltage48V/ 51.2V
Rated capacity100Ah
End-of-charge voltage54.0/ 58.0V
End-of-discharge voltage39.0/ 42.0V
Max. charge current50/ 100A
Max. discharge current100A
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Powerful Rack-Mount LiFePO4 Battery for Scalable Energy Storage

A rack mount LiFePO4 battery is a powerful and reliable energy storage solution .It offers many features to satisfy various energy storage needs. with a battery energy capacity of either 5kWh or 10kWh, this battery can provide sufficient power for a variety of applications.

The communication options of RS485, CAN, and Bluetooth (optional) make  it easy to integrate this battery into existing systems. Otherwise, it is easy to monitor its performance remotely. With a nominal voltage of 48V or 51.2V, this battery is compatible with many devices. What’s  more, it can be easily integrated into both residential and commercial settings.


One of the standout features of this rack mount LiFePO4 battery is its support for GPS.  This function allows for precise tracking and monitoring of the battery’s location and performance. in addition, the battery offers 15 levels of protection to ensure safe and reliable operation at all times.


This rack-mountable LiFePO4 battery 5kwh boasts impressive flexibility and scalability. It can be installed in brackets, stacked, or connected in parallel with up to 15 other batteries, making it suitable for various energy storage needs. The standard 3U, 4U, or 5U size simplifies installation, and the option to customize the communication protocol ensures smooth integration with your existing systems. What’s more, mounting on the wall is also acceptable.


This rack-mounted 5kwh LiFePO4 battery offers both reliable and efficient energy storage for various applications. Its key strength lies in its scalability.  Users can conveniently expand the battery’s power capacity whenever their needs grow, making it a versatile solution that adapts to future demands.

rack mount lifepo4 battery dimensions

5KWh LiFePO4 Battery Advanced Features:
  • Multiple Communication Protocols:

Connects seamlessly to your system with RS485, CAN, or optional Bluetooth (BT).

  • Voltage Options:

Available in 48V or 51.2V nominal voltage configurations.

  • Integrated GPS:

Tracks battery location for added security and management (optional).

  • Multi-Layered Protection:

Ensures safe operation with 15 built-in protection mechanisms.


  • Stackable Design:

Maximize space with bracket support for stacking installations.


  • Parallel Connection:

Connect up to 15 batteries in parallel for significant capacity expansion.


  • Standard Rack Mount Sizes:

Fits seamlessly into standard server racks in 3U, 4U, or 5U heights.


  • Customizable Communication Protocol:

Tailor communication to integrate perfectly with your system (optional).


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  • Battery Capacity:

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  • Nominal Voltage:

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  • Quantity:

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  • Optional Features:

Are you interested in GPS tracking or customization of the communication protocol?


Finally, if u are interested in our 5kwh lifepo4 battery, plz do not hesitate to contact us.



energy storage lithium battery

Additional information

Weight43 kg
Dimensions45 × 42 × 14 cm


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