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M10 N-type Half Cut 16BB 182mm TOPCON Solar Cell

Dimension: 182mm*182mm±0.5mm,Φ247mm±0.5mm
Thickness: 130±20 μm
Material: N-type TOPCON Monocrystalline
Efficiency: 24.5%


FOTOVO N-type Half Cut 16BB 182mm TOPCON Solar Cell

The introduction of the high-efficiency 182mm N-type TOPCON Solar Cell marks a significant advancement in the field of solar energy technology. With its larger size and advanced features, this solar cell offers numerous benefits for both commercial and residential applications.



One of the key advantages of the 182mm solar cell is its ability to generate higher output power. This is made possible by the increased surface area of the cell. Then this could allow it to capture more sunlight and convert it into electricity. Additionally, these cells exhibit excellent low-light performance, ensuring optimal energy production even in weak light conditions. It is important to note that while the 182mm size offers these benefits, it may require more space compared to smaller cells such as the 166mm variant. However, the potential for higher power output per solar panel makes the 182mm cell a compelling choice for those looking to maximize their energy generation.

The applications of the 182mm N-type TOPCON solar cells are wide-ranging. From large-scale solar power plants to residential installations with ample roof space. These cells have an efficiency of 24.5%. So, they are therefore particularly suitable for environments where maximizing power generation is a priority.

Key features of the 182mm solar cell

  • N-type TOPCON Monocrystalline material
  • Advanced half-cell technology
  • Precise dimensions of 182mm x 182mm

These features contribute to the cell’s high performance and reliability, making it a valuable addition to any solar energy system.

In conclusion, the 182mm N-type TOPCON solar cell offers a powerful and efficient solution for meeting the energy needs of various applications. With its superior efficiency, advanced technology, and versatile design, this solar cell is a game-changer in the world of renewable energy.


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