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FOTOVO G12 Shingled 12BB 210mm Solar Cell

This 210mm solar cell is efficient (23.3%). Its power is 10.14 watts.

Dimension: 210mm*210mm±0.25
Thickness: 130±20 μm
Material: N-type Monocrystalline
Efficiency: 23.3%</p>

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FOTOVO G12 Shingled 12BB 210mm Solar Cell — Combine cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance.

Introducing the G12 Shingled 12BB 210mm Solar Cell

With an impressive 23.3% efficiency and a rated power of 10.14 watts, this solar cell is designed to deliver unmatched power output for all your energy needs.

Crafted with precision and innovation, the Shingled Solar Cell features 132pcs of shingled 210mm Mono solar cells. This unique configuration allows for the assembly of high-powered solar panels, capable of generating up to a staggering 670 watts of power. Whether you’re looking to power your home, office, or industrial facility, this solar energy product is the ideal choice for maximum energy production.

A remarkable aspect of this solar energy product is its outstanding ability to generate electricity even in low-light conditions. Even in cloudy or overcast conditions, it continues to generate electricity. And then, this can ensure a consistent power supply regardless of the weather. Its unwavering dependability renders it ideal for environments with fluctuating sunlight intensity or regions susceptible to frequent weather shifts.

Additionally, the G12 Shingled 12BB 210mm Solar Cell boasts a lower temperature coefficient compared to conventional cells. This means that even in high-temperature environments, it maintains its efficiency and performance levels.

What’s more, with its sleek and compact design, this monocrystalline solar cell fits seamlessly into any PV panel installation. Its full square shape ensures maximum utilization of available space, allowing for greater energy production in limited areas.

Invest in the future of renewable energy with the G12 Shingled 12BB 210mm Solar Cells. Harness its higher output power, excellent low-light performance, and lower temperature coefficient to create a sustainable and efficient energy system for your home or business.


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