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FOTOVO 550-580W TOPCON 16BB All Black Solar PV Panels


Unleash superior power with the revolutionary 182mm Topcon black solar panel! This half-cut, all-black design boasts 16bb efficiency for maximized energy generation and a sleek aesthetic.

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The All Black Solar PV Panel: A High-Performance Selection for Discerning Consumers (550W-580W).

The property solar market is seeing a rise in innovation, with aesthetic appeals playing an increasingly vital role together with performance. The All-Black Topcon solar PV panel symbolizes this pattern. Therefore, homeowners looking to use the sun’s power can consider all-black Topcon solar PV panels.

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At the Center of Technology: 

This black solar PV panel boasts the advanced Topcon cell innovation, a significant improvement over traditional alternatives. Topcon cells demonstrate exceptional light capture and conversion efficiency, equating to even more electrical power generated from each ray of sunshine. This translates to a maximized return on investment for home owners.

Enhanced Performance and Toughness: 

The black solar panel utilizes 182mm half-cut cells. These cutting-edge parts minimize power loss throughout the procedure, particularly under less than excellent problems. They carry out exceptionally well in shaded areas and hot weather, making sure consistent power generation throughout the year.

Additionally, the incorporation of 16 bus bars within the panel facilitates superior current collection. This lessens inner resistance and more boosts power results, making the best use of the panel’s performance.

Looks that Enhance Your Home: 

The specifying attribute of this panel is its all-black style. This develops an aesthetically natural and modern-day aesthetic, flawlessly incorporating a vast array of architectural designs. Home owners looking for a solar service that not only generates clean energy however also improves the visual appeal of their property will certainly discover the All-Black Topcon Panel a compelling option.

A Boon for the Atmosphere and Your Pocketbook: 

By generating tidy, sustainable power, the All-Black Topcon Solar PV Panel empowers home owners to lower their dependence on the grid and contribute favorably to environmental protection. This converts to considerable price savings on electrical power costs over time.

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Additional information

Weight28.4 kg
Dimensions228 × 114 × 3.5 cm
Cell Type

182*91 N Type Mono

No. of Cells







Anodized Aluminium Alloy

Junction box

IP68 3diodes

Output cables

4mm² cable 35cm(Including MC4 connector)

MaxWind Load/Snow Load


20FT container

5 Packages/155pcs

40HQ container

20 Packages/620pcs


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