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3.2V 50Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 Battery Cell

3.2V 50AH Cylindrical LiFePO4 Battery Cell

Standard Capacity50Ah
Nominal Voltage3.2V
Energy Density≥145Wh/kg
Specific Power≥400W/kg
Charging Cut-off Voltage3.65V


Introducing the High-Performance 3.2V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cell

Unleash Reliable Power with Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology, this cylindrical LiFePO4 battery cell boasts a range of advantages, so it is a perfect choice for demanding applications.

Technical data

Key Advantages
  • Maximized Performance: The full-tab design ensures superior conductivity for exceptional performance.
  • Consistent Power Delivery: Delivers consistent power even under heavy loads thanks to its high discharge rate.
  • Efficient Operation: Low internal resistance minimizes energy loss for efficient operation.
  • Stable Performance: Maintains stable operation for extended use with even temperature rise.
  • Compact Design with High Power: Packs more power into a compact size due to its high energy density.
  • Balanced Performance: Cells are meticulously matched for consistent and balanced performance.
  • Wide Operational Range: Functions effectively in a wide range of environments due to its exceptional temperature performance.
  • Long-Lasting Reliability: Provides years of reliable service with proper care, thanks to its long cycle life.
And Then, Ideal Applications
  • Electric Vehicles (E-Vehicles)
  • Construction Machinery
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Electric Low-Speed Vehicles
  • Marine Applications
  • Energy Storage Systems
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Q: The life expectancy of a Lithium battery?
    A: LiFePO4 batteries typically last 5-15 years or 2000 to 8000 charge cycles.
  • Q: Can I use a normal SLA controller to charge this battery?
    A: No, we strongly recommend using a dedicated LiFePO4 solar controller for optimal performance and safety.
  • Q: Can I cooperate with you for wholesale purchases?
    A: Yes, we offer competitive pricing for large-scale projects and wholesale orders.
  • Q: Why is my tracking number not updated?
    A: In some countries, packages may require customs clearance before receiving a tracking update. You should receive your order within 3-5 days after it clears customs.
  • Q: Are the cells balanced before shipping?
    A: Absolutely! We understand the importance of cell consistency. All cells are balanced to ensure they have identical internal resistance, voltage, and capacity for optimal battery pack performance.

This 3.2V 50Ah cylindrical LiFePO4 battery cell delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and safety, making it the perfect choice for powering your next project.



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