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FOTOVO 480W CIGS Flexible thin film solar modules

FSM480-FL-CIGS   Flexible thin-film solar module

  • Max power: 480W
  • Operating voltage:  59.9V
  • Operating current: 8.02A
  • Solar cell: CIGS
  • Dimensions: 2583*1292mm
  • Connector: MC4


Unleash Next-Gen Solar Power with the Revolutionary FOTOVO 480W CIGS Flexible Panel
Born for Mobile Living, Engineered for Efficiency:

Reimagine your approach to solar energy with the FOTOVO 480W CIGS thin film solar modules. This cutting-edge solar solution is specifically designed for mobile lifestyles, offering exceptional portability and versatility for RVs, boats, and off-grid adventures.

CIGS Technology: Powering the Future:

Furthermore, this panel utilizes groundbreaking CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) thin-film solar cell technology. CIGS boasts significant advantages over traditional solar panels, including:

  • Enhanced Durability:

CIGS thin film solar modules are renowned for their resilience, withstanding harsh weather conditions and potential impacts better than traditional panels.

  • Superior Light Sensitivity:

These panels exhibit exceptional light sensitivity, translating to efficient energy production even in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

  • Extended Lifespan:

CIGS technology offers an extended lifespan compared to traditional panels, ensuring long-lasting performance for years to come.

Unmatched Flexibility for Diverse Applications:

Transitioning from functionality to adaptability, the FOTOVO 480W CIGS panel sets a new standard for flexibility. Thanks to its innovative design, this panel boasts an incredible 360-degree range of motion. This allows for seamless installation on virtually any surface, including:

  • Uneven RV and Boat Roofs:

Unlike rigid panels that struggle with uneven surfaces, the FOTOVO panel effortlessly conforms to curved shapes, ensuring optimal energy capture.

  • Off-Grid Campsites:

Embrace the freedom of solar power anywhere. The panel’s lightweight and flexible design makes it an ideal companion for your next off-grid adventure.

Beyond Flexibility: Unveiling Additional Benefits:

In addition to its remarkable flexibility, the FOTOVO 480W CIGS thin film solar modules offer a multitude of advantages:

  • Improved Efficiency and Higher Output:

This panel generates more electricity compared to traditional options, even in shaded areas.

  • Aerodynamic Design:

The panel’s ability to conform to roof shapes contributes to improved aerodynamics, minimizing wind resistance for your RV or boat.

  • Sleek Appearance:

The panel’s ability to seamlessly integrate with curved surfaces results in a visually appealing and streamlined aesthetic.

  • Lightweight and Thin:

Effortless transportation and installation are ensured by the panel’s lightweight and thin profile. Additionally, this eliminates the need for bulky mounting frames, further enhancing the visual appeal of your solar setup.

  • Effortless Installation:

Say goodbye to complex installations. The pre-assembled adhesive backing allows for a quick and hassle-free setup – no tools required!

The FOTOVO 480W CIGS Flexible Panel represents the future of mobile solar power. With its unmatched flexibility, cutting-edge CIGS technology, and a multitude of user-friendly features, this panel empowers you to harness the sun’s energy anywhere your adventures take you.


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