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FOTOVO 230Watt Flexible CIGS Solar Modules


  • 18.8V
  • 12.25A
  • CIGS
  • 1709*973mm
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FOTOVO: Unleash the Power of Flexible Solar Panels for Your Adventures

Not only are FOTOVO’s CIGS solar modules the perfect way to bring clean energy with you wherever you roam, but they are also effortlessly mountable on virtually any surface. Specifically well-suited for yachts, boats, and RVs with uneven contours, these innovative panels are designed to thrive outdoors. In addition, FOTOVO panels deliver exceptional performance even in shaded or low-light conditions.

Main Features
  • Unparalleled Flexibility for Curved Surfaces:

FOTOVO CIGS solar panels adapt seamlessly to a variety of surfaces, flat or curved. Whether you’re powering your luxurious RV or boat, or keeping gadgets charged during off-grid adventures, these panels open a world of possibilities for harnessing the sun’s energy.

  • Stable Efficiency in Less-Than-Ideal Conditions:

Crafted with cutting-edge solar cell technology, FOTOVO CIGS solar modules outperform traditional monocrystalline panels in cloudy weather and shaded areas. This translates to optimal power generation even when direct sunlight is limited.

  • Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Performance:

FOTOVO’s bendable solar panels guarantee year-round outstanding performance, enduring extreme temperatures from scorching heat to frigid cold. Their remarkable resilience even allows for foot traffic, making them a space-saving and highly durable power solution. Cleaning and maintenance are simplified thanks to their easy-to-clean surface, freeing you up to enjoy the benefits of solar power.

Sustainable Energy for a Greener Future:

By choosing FOTOVO’s flexible solar panels, you’re not just investing in a reliable power source, you’re contributing to a more sustainable planet. Solar energy reduces reliance on fossil fuels, helping to curb greenhouse gas emissions and create a cleaner environment for all.

FOTOVO: Committed to Your Satisfaction: We are passionate about creating the best flexible solar panels for outdoor use and delivering exceptional customer service.

Are flexible CIGS solar modules more expensive than conventional solar panels?
  •  Material: Flexible solar panels require additional materials to achieve their bendable nature, which increases their overall cost.
  •  Manufacturing: The process of manufacturing flexible solar panels can be more complex compared to rigid panels, contributing to higher costs.


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