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FOTOVO 530W Lightweight Flexible Solar Module

Lightweight, Ultra-high exibility, Easy to install.

  • An – PID
  • Hail shock resistence
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Introducing the Powerful and Portable 515-535W Flexible Solar Module

This groundbreaking 515-535W flexible solar module provides a powerful and budget-friendly way to generate clean energy wherever you are. And then, lightweight construction, effortless installation, and outstanding durability, all of these features make it perfect for various applications, including RVs, boats, and off-grid living.

  • Lightweight and Portable:

Thanks to its ultra-thin and ultra-light design, this panel is easy to transport and install.

  • Easy to Install:

The flexible design allows for quick and simple installation on a variety of surfaces, reducing time and complexity.

  • Value for Money:

Generating significant power at a competitive price point, this flexible solar module offers excellent value for your investment.

  • And Also, Weatherproof and Durable:

Built to withstand the elements, this panel is resistant to rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures.

Flexible vs Traditional Solar Panels:

When compared to traditional rigid solar panels, flexible panels offer several advantages:

  • Easier Installation:

Their lightweight and flexible nature allows for simpler attachment to curved surfaces or uneven terrain.

  • Portable Power:

Ideal for mobile applications like RVs and boats where space is limited.

  • Versatility:

Conforms to a wider range of surfaces, expanding the potential applications.

Powering Your Adventures:
  •  Flexible Solar Modules for RVs:

Enjoy the freedom of off-grid camping with reliable solar power that keeps your batteries charged and your adventures going.

  • Flexible Solar Modules for Boats:

Maintain battery power while on the water, ensuring safe and reliable navigation, even in remote areas.

  • Flexible Solar Module for Car Roof (Check Local Regulations):

Convert sunlight into usable energy while you drive, potentially extending your gas mileage or powering auxiliary accessories.

Installation Notes:

While generally simpler than traditional panels, flexible solar module installation requires following manufacturer instructions for optimal performance and safety. What’s more, these instructions typically cover:

  • Surface preparation
  • Panel placement
  • Electrical connections
  • System operation
So, embrace the freedom of clean, portable energy with the 515-535W flexible solar panel, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and off-grid living.

Additional information

Extermal Dimension


Basic Version

2.7mm 7.8kg

Enhanced Version

3.0mm 9.0kg

High Performance Version

3.2mm 10.8kg

Junction Box

IP68,3diodes,MC4 compatible

Output Cables

4.0mm2 (IEC),300mm(+)/300mm(-)or Customized Length


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