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FOTOVO 20 Feet BESS Battery Energy Storage System Container

100/200/300/500KW industrial and commercial off/hybrid ess container;
Supports choosing European/American version;
Support liquid cooling/air cooling

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FS-500KW-CESS: BESS Battery Energy Storage System Container

A battery energy storage system is like a giant power bank that stores electricity. Meanwhile, it can power our homes/ businesses/ entire cities.
A 20-foot industrial and commercial battery energy storage system is a big battery. And then, it is about the size of a school bus. And it can power a small factory/ a large office building.

The charge and discharge capabilities of the system have been tested to operate at all levels of energy distribution.

The Battery energy storage system has many benefits, including:

First, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Second, make the grid more reliable.

Third, save money on energy costs.

  • Cutting-edge
    Utilizing advanced three-tier technology to achieve a maximum efficiency of 99%, this system features effective forced air cooling, an overload capacity of 1.1, and no reduction in performance up to 55°C. At the same time, it offers various modes for charging and discharging, providing flexibility for battery setups.
  • Streamlined Operation and Maintenance
    Current and voltage monitoring capabilities for actual time analysis and efficient issue resolution; Modular architecture with easily accessible components for facile upkeep; And, incorporated power supply panels for smooth mixture of external devices.
  • ESS Applications
    Common uses: flattening peak demand, shifting energy consumption, regulating grid frequency, and solidifying capacity utilization. Meanwhile, bidirectional power conversion system with complete four-quadrant functionality.Management of battery charging and discharging, capability for starting up without an external power source, and integration with a variable speed generator (VSG)
  • Grid Support
    Adherence to IEC 61727, IEC 62116, and SGSF standards for dynamic grid voltage and frequency suppor. For example, L/HVRT, L/HFRT, soft start/stop, and specified power factor control, as well as reactive power support for a stable and efficient grid.

We accept highly customized container energy storage systems.Tell us the relevant details and customize your ess.


100kW hybrid solar kit


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