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FOTOVO Energy Storage System Container 500KW 3MW 40ft ESS Solution

The ESS container is a fast, flexible and reliable energy storage solution.

It is suitable for a variety of application scenarios.

Customers can be provided with highly flexible customized services in the meantime.


Commercial Energy Storage System Container

The containerized energy storage system container includes: BatteryManagement System (BMS),Power Conversion System (PCS),Power Distribution System (PDS), Micro-grid Switching System(STS),Energy Management System(EMS), and Auxiliary PowerDistribution System ,air conditioning system, fire protectionsystem, It is extensively used in situations such as power security.peak shaving and valley dental filling, brand-new energy consumption, andgrid load smoothing.Thanks to the highly scalable modular design, users have the flexibility to select from various configuration options and you can freely mix and match modules to customize their system.

Product Advantage
  • Flexible configuration of battery system types and capacities according to customer requirements
  • The PCS has a modular architecture, simple maintenance andflexible configuration, allowing for multiple parallel machinesSupport parallel and off-grid operation mode, seamless switching.
  • And black start support
  • EMS unattended system, locally controlled, cloud-monitored operation, with highly customized features
  • Various modes including peak and valley reduction, demand response, backflow prevention, back-up powercommand response, etc.
  • Complete gas fire extinguishing system and the system features automatic fire monitoring and alarm capabilities, complete with both audible and visual alerts, as well as fault uploading for efficient troubleshooting.
  • Additionally, it includes a comprehensive thermal and temperature control system. This ensures that the battery compartment temperature is normal.

The access control system allows for remote control and local operation, providing flexible and secure management options.

FOTOVO energy storage system container ESS solutions offer dependable power and energy storage for off-grid daily use, grid assistance situations, and emergency backup. It can switch between renewable energy sources, a grid connection, or a diesel generator for energy input.

Scalable modular architecture for versatile use cases:
  1. Our solution offers reliable off-grid power for extended periods, allowing for load shifting and plug-in electric vehicle charging. This helps to offset the intermittency of renewable energy sources and provides a clean, pollution-free alternative to traditional diesel generators.
  2. Our solution can address the variable nature of renewable energy sources and mitigate the impact of supply disruptions. And it can also manage the fluctuations in power output and maintain optimal frequency and voltage levels.
  3. Moreover, it can capitalize on rate differences to offer a cost-efficient and eco-friendly backup power solution.

If you have any inquiries on ESS containers, please download the check list and send it together with your inquiry.



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