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Topcon 182mm 16BB Half Cell 550-580W Bifacial Solar Panel for Shed


This N-Type 182mm half-cut 550-watt bifacial solar panel for shed boasts high efficiency and easy installation. Solar panel cable and wire are included.


Introducing the Powerhouse of Solar Panels: The 550W-580W Bifacial Solar Panel for Shed

Bifacial Solar Panel for Shed details

We’re delighted to reveal our newest development: the 550W-580W bifacial solar module. It’s more efficient than a 500w solar panel. This innovative panel leverages premium efficiency and long-lasting resilience, making it a top performer for both residential and commercial solar power systems.

Dual the Sunlight, Dual the Power:

The game-changing function of this solar module is its bifacial design. Unlike traditional panels, it captures sunlight from both sides– not simply the front facing the sun. This innovative modern technology harnesses mirrored sunshine from the ground or neighboring structures, substantially boosting your energy production.

Made the Most of Efficiency, Minimized Losses:

The solar module makes use of high-efficiency mono half-cut cell technology. This not just makes sure trusted power generation yet also lessens repellent power loss within the solar panel. Additionally, the maximized 182mm cell size and 16 busbars further boost general power outcome.

Releasing Top Performance:

With an astonishing power outcome varying from 550 to 580 watts, this module delivers exceptional performance. This converts to producing enough clean power to fulfill the needs of varied applications.

Developed to Last, Easy to Mount:

Engineered with superior-quality materials, this solar panel is developed to endure rough weather. You can anticipate lasting stability and regular efficiency for several years to come. The streamlined and compact layout permits easy setup and seamless assimilation right into existing planetary systems.

A Sustainable Selection for the Future:

By selecting the 550W-580W bifacial solar panel, you’re not simply buying peak performance; you’re making an effective declaration for a more sustainable future. This green solution helps reduce reliance on non-renewable fuels and makes the environment cleaner.

Buy the future of solar power. Call us today for more information about the 550W-580W bifacial solar module and harness the sun’s power for a brighter tomorrow!

More Details about 550-580W Bifacial Solar Panel for Shed

details about bifacial solar panel for shed

bifacial solar panel for shed data


bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight32.2 kg
Dimensions227.8 × 113.4 × 3.5 cm
Maximum System Voltage(V)

1500 V

Maximum Series Fuse Rating(A)

30 A

Power Tolerance

0~+3 W

Pmax Temperature Coefficients (W/℃)

-0.300 %/℃

Voc Temperature Coefficients( V/℃)

-0.250 %/℃

Isc Temperature Coefficients( A/℃)

+0.046 %/℃

NMOT Nominal Module Operating Temperature(℃)

45±2 ℃

Operating and Storage Temperature(℃)

-40~+85 ℃

Cell Type

182*91 N Type Bifacial Mono

No. of Cells







Anodized Aluminium Alloy

Junction box

IP68 3diodes

Output cables

4mm² cable 35cm(Including MC4 connector)

MaxWind Load/Snow Load


20FT container

5 Packages/155pcs

40HQ container

20 Packages/620pcs


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