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Rack Mount 100ah 5kwh 48v Lithium Battery


Introducing the rack mount 100ah 5kwh 48 v lithium battery – the ultimate power solution for your needs. With its support for GPS and 15 levels of protection, this battery ensures a reliable and secure performance. The support bracket allows for easy stack installation, while the ability to connect 15 batteries in parallel provides unmatched power capacity. Its standard 3U/4U/5U rack mount design makes it convenient to integrate into any setup. Customize the communication protocol to suit your requirements. Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to power, choose the rack mount 100ah 5kw 48 v lithium battery.

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Rack Mount Lithium Battery

Experience the power and reliability of the Rack Mount 100ah 5kwh 51.2v (48v) lithium battery. Designed to provide exceptional performance, this cutting-edge battery is perfect for a wide range of applications. With its support for GPS, you can confidently navigate any terrain without worrying about losing power. And, whether you’re on an outdoor adventure or exploring uncharted territories, this battery has got you covered.

This battery comes with 15 levels of protection to keep you safe. Thus,it can ensure that the battery is not overheated, overcharged,orotherwiseatpotential risk.
Installation is a breeze thanks to the included support bracket and stack installation option. Customize your setup to meet your specific needs with ease. Plus, it supports 15 batteries in parallel. You can easily expand your power as needed.

The Rack Mount 100ah 5kw 48v lithium battery features a standard 3U/4U/5U rack mount design. And, its sleek and compact form factor ensures easy integration into your current system.Based on this design concept, we also have a 48V/51.2V 200ah battery pack to meet the customer’s higher power requirements

Customization is key, which is why this battery supports communication protocol customization. Works great with your devices for best results.
Don’t settle for subpar power solutions – choose the Rack Mount 100ah 5kwh 48v lithium battery for superior performance and reliability. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking exceptional power in a compact package because its advanced features and customizable options.

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