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N Type M6 Half Cut Topcon Solar Cell

High efficiency mono half cut n-type topcon M6 166mm solar cell for sale

Thickness170+20 μm/-10 μm
MaterialMonocrystalline Silicon
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Introducing the High-Efficiency TOPCon 166mm Solar Cell

The future of solar power is here with our groundbreaking TOPCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) 166mm solar cell technology. This innovative design represents a significant leap forward from traditional PERC technology, offering superior efficiency and performance for your solar energy needs.

The Power of TOPCon Technology:

Our TOPCon solar cells utilize a cutting-edge approach that combines N-type silicon with an AlOx/SiNx passivation layer. This advanced technology minimizes electrical resistance and light reflection within the cell, resulting in a record-breaking efficiency of up to 24.5%. In simpler terms, these cells capture more sunlight and convert it into usable energy, maximizing your power output.

TOPOCN 166mm solar cell


166mm topcon solar cell spec

Key Features of Our TOPCon 166mm Solar Cells:
  • Unmatched Efficiency:

Experience industry-leading efficiency of 24.5%, translating to significantly more power generation compared to traditional solar panels.

  • Long-lasting Performance:

The TOPCon design eliminates light-induced degradation, ensuring your solar panels maintain optimal performance for decades.

  • Consistent Reliability:

Our rigorous manufacturing process guarantees uniform cell performance across the entire panel, maximizing your system’s overall efficiency.

  • Double-Sided Power Generation:

Unlike traditional cells, TOPCon cells can capture sunlight from both sides, further boosting energy production.

  • Low-Light Performance:

These cells excel in low-light conditions, generating more power on cloudy days or early mornings/evenings compared to standard panels.

  • Reduced Hot Spots:

The TOPCon design minimizes the risk of hot spots, a potential safety concern in traditional solar panels.

  • Half-Cut Technology:

The 166mm cells are incorporated with half-cut technology, enhancing shade tolerance and further improving overall panel performance.



TOPCon vs. PERC: 

Both offer significant advantages over traditional technology but cater to different priorities.

Efficiency King:

TOPCon takes the crown with record-breaking efficiencies exceeding 24.5%. This translates to more power generation from your panels.

PERC’s Strength:

While not quite as efficient, PERC boasts a simpler and more established manufacturing process, potentially leading to lower costs.

Durability Matters:

Both TOPCon and PERC excel in longevity, but TOPCon minimizes light-induced degradation, ensuring optimal performance for extended periods.

Choosing Your Champion:

If maximizing efficiency is your top priority, TOPCon is the clear winner. However, if budget is a major concern, PERC remains a strong contender. Discuss your needs with a solar expert to determine the best fit for your project.



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Dimensions16.6 × 16.6 × 0.017 cm


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