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N Type M6 Half Cut 166mm HJT Solar Cell

High efficiency 166mm N-type Heterojunction (HJT) solar cell for sale

Thickness150+20 μm/-10 μm
MaterialMonocrystalline Silicon
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Introducing the HJT 166mm Solar Cell:


The HJT 166mm solar cell represents a remarkable advancement in solar technology.  It harnesses the power of Silicon Heterojunction Technology for enhanced performance and reliability. With a focus on efficiency and innovation, this solar cell offers many features.  So it is a standout choice for solar energy applications.

HJT 166mm solar cell advantages


166mm hjt solar cell panel

Key Features:


  1. High Efficiency and High Voc:

The HJT 166mm solar cell delivers exceptional efficiency with a high Voc, ensuring maximum power output and excellent performance under varying conditions.


  1. Low Temperature Coefficient:

With a 5-8% power output gain, this solar cell maintains efficiency even in temperature fluctuations, providing consistent energy production.


  1. Half Cut Technology:

Incorporating half-cut technology, the HJT 166mm solar cell minimizes power loss and enhances overall efficiency, making it a reliable choice for energy generation.


Additional Details:


The HJT 166mm solar cell features ultra-thin layers of amorphous silicon on monocrystalline silicon wafers, each less than 160 μm in thickness. Electron and hole photogeneration occurs within these layers, leading to optimized energy conversion. The deposition of transparent conductive oxides further enhances the cell’s metallization, ensuring a robust and efficient solar energy solution.


Topcon vs. HJT Technology:


Both HJT and TOPCon solar cells represent advancements over traditional technology. However, they excel in different aspects:


  • Efficiency:


HJT technology currently holds the edge in efficiency, potentially reaching slightly higher percentages than TOPCon cells.


  • Temperature Performance:


Heterojunction Technology excels in maintaining efficiency in hot climates due to its lower temperature coefficient.


  • Manufacturing Complexity:


HJT technology is still under development, and its manufacturing process might be slightly more complex than TOPCon, potentially impacting cost.


Simply put, HJT 166mm solar cells are at the forefront of solar technology advancements. By blending efficiency, dependability, and creativity, these cells maximize energy output. Make the switch to HJT technology now to enjoy the benefits of sustainable and effective solar power for your energy requirements.


bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions16.6 × 16.6 × 0.015 cm


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