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M10 Shingled 166mm PV Solar Cells

 High efficiency(23.3%) M10 shingled PERC mono 166mm PV solar cells for sale

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Introducing the Innovative Shingled 166mm PV Solar Cell

We’re excited to introduce our revolutionary shingled PV solar cells technology featuring 166mm x 166mm cells with a thickness of 190 microns, offering a significant leap forward in solar panel efficiency and power output.

shingled solar panel 166mm solar cell

Shingled Design for Enhanced Efficiency:

Traditional solar panels consist of rigid cells . They are susceptible to power loss due to micro-cracks and gaps between cells. Our shingled PV solar cells address this challenge. Each 166mm cell is strategically cut into thin strips that overlap one another.  This is similar to shingles on a roof. This overlapping design eliminates gaps and creates more surface area for light absorption. Ultimately it boosts the panel’s overall efficiency.



shingled 166mm M10 silicon solar cell

shingled mono 166mm solar cell spec
Key Features of Our Shingled 166mm PV Solar Cells:
  • Higher Power Output:

The shingled design minimizes power loss pathways, leading to a significant increase in power generation compared to traditional solar panels.

  • Improved Durability:

By eliminating gaps between cells, our shingled design enhances the panel’s resilience against micro-cracks and chipping, ensuring long-term performance.

  • Flexible Design:

Employing conductive adhesive for shingle connections enables a slight bend in the panel while maintaining performance, rendering them well-suited for curved rooftops.

  • Compatibility with PERC Technology:

Our 166mm shingled cells are able to seamlessly integrate with Passivated Emitter Rear Cell (PERC) technology, further enhancing their efficiency and power output.


Applications for Shingled 166mm PV Solar Cells:

These innovative solar cells are perfect for many applications, including:

  • Residential rooftops:

The compact size and flexibility of the 166mm cells make them suitable for maximizing power generation on residential rooftops, even those with complex shapes.

  • Commercial buildings:

Shingled solar cells can be a powerful solution for commercial buildings. It can maximize energy production and efficiency.

  • Utility-scale solar farms:

The high power output and durability of these cells make them ideal for large-scale solar power generation.




bifacial solar panel for shed Chinese manufacturer

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