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HJT Full Black Bifacial Glass 400W Solar Panels

High Efficiency Full Black Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Power Output: 410W 415W 420W 425W 430W 435W 440W

Bifacial Module Efficiency: 22.4%

Dimensions (L × W × H): 1754 mm × 1096 mm × 30 mm

Weight: 23.6kg

Packaging: 35 pcs/pallet, 910 pcs/40’HQ

Warranty: 30-year performance guarantee


Item info

The 400W solar panel is a high-efficiency component thanks to cutting-edge heterojunction cell modern technology, enabling piece de resistance even on normally days. The module has a nominal power result of 440 watt with an efficiency ranking of 22.4%. Fitted with 80 half-cut cells, 3.0 mm glass front and black backsheet in a 1754 x 1096 x 30 mm structure weighing just 23.6 kg. It includes a 30-year item & performance guarantee. Readily available for wholesale orders at 35 pieces per pallet and 910 items per container.

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Features :
Optimum Efficiency


210mm x 105mm Half-Cell Modern Technology

The 400w solar panels use the effective 210mm x 105mm HJT half-cell technology. With symmetrical front and rear ends, a bifaciality of 85 ± 5% is accomplished. In addition, the outstanding temperature level coefficient of HJT enables capturing much more sunshine and transforming it into electricity.


Full Black Layout

A complete black 400w solar panel means it sporting activities an evenly black appearance across its entire surface: cells, framework, and backsheet. There is no considerable difference in performance compared to blue or black/white components, yet full black is taken into consideration by numerous to be a lot more aesthetically appealing.

Full Black Solar Panel Specification FH410-440-27V-MHB

Additional Product Advantages


  • Low hot spot risk:

The half-cut cell design reduces the risk of hot spots, which can damage solar cells and lower efficiency.

  • Ultra-high bifaciality:

HJT bifacial 400w solar panels can generate electricity from both the front and rear sides of the panel, resulting in up to 30% more power generation in ideal conditions.

  • Crack resistance:

The double glass encapsulation protects the solar cells from moisture and mechanical stress, making them more resistant to cracks and other damage.

  • Shade tolerance:

The half-cut cell design improves the module’s shade tolerance, so that it can still generate power even if part of the panel is shaded.

  • PID Defense by Design:

Traditional solar cells can suffer from PID, a phenomenon that reduces power output over time. HJT technology eliminates this issue. The secret lies in the cell structure. Unlike conventional cells, the surface of HJT cells utilizes a Transparent Conductive Oxide (TCO) film. This brilliant design eliminates the need for insulating layers, a key culprit in PID. Since TCO conducts electricity effectively, it structurally prevents PID from occurring.

  • 30-Year Product Warranty

HJT solar panels make use of double-glass style, which supplies superb weather resistance, rust resistance, and longevity. In addition, the POE encapsulant film integrated in these solar panels provides impressive dampness barrier abilities, anti-PID efficiency, and maturing resistance. These functions, generally, contribute to a 30-year item and efficiency guarantee for the HJT photovoltaic panels.



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Additional information

Weight23.6 kg
Dimensions176 × 110 × 3 cm


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