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FOTOVO Wall Mount 48v Lithium Battery


  • High safety and long life: lithium ironphosphate battery core with high consis-tency, safety and reliability shall be selected.
  • lt has the functions of mains bypassinverter output, photovoltaic power gen-eration,etc.,and uninterrupted powersupply.
  • There are four charging modes available:solar energy only, mains power priority,solar energy priority and hybrid charging
  • Communication supports CAN, RS485and RS232.
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Wall-mounted Lifepo4 48v Battery: 5 Highlights for a Smarter Life

  • Flexible Configuration and Easy Installation

The lifepo4 48v battery modular design allows you to freely combine battery capacity based on your actual needs, and easily meeting the power demands of different scenarios.

Wall-mounted installation saves space and occupies a small area. With simple operation, installation can be completed quickly and conveniently.

  • Ultra-high Protection for Peace of Mind

This battery uses advanced lithium iron phosphate battery technology, and this can ensure safety and reliability.And also embraces lithium iron phosphate battery, boasting exceptional security and reliability.

IP65 protection, effective resistance to dust, rain and other erosion, and even in outdoor environments stable operation.

  • Seamless Switching Between Multiple Modes

Supports multiple working modes, including grid-connected, off-grid, and hybrid modes, which can intelligently switch according to your power needs, meeting the application requirements of different scenarios.

In the event of a grid outage, it can automatically switch to off-grid mode to continuously provide power for your life.

  • Remote Monitoring for Real-time Insight

Equipped with an intelligent management platform.And you can check the battery performance from your phone or computer at any time,  including voltage, current, power, and remaining battery power, allowing you to easily grasp the battery’s operation.

Historical data records the battery usage status,and this can help you manage the battery well, extending its service life.

  • Intelligent Home Energy Management

Through intelligent algorithms, the battery can automatically formulate the optimal energy storage and discharge strategy according to the user’s consumption habits, peak and valley electricity prices, and safety indicators, so as to achieve the reasonable allocation and efficient use of electric energy.

Effectively reduces electricity costs, and improves energy efficiency, and helps you achieve a green and energy-saving life.

Wall-mounted lithium batteries are not only reliable energy storage devices but also smart life management assistants. And then they will provide you with a safe, convenient, and efficient power experience.

Product Parameter

Application Scenarios

Home photovoltaic energy storage.During the day, solar energy is used for power generation.And at night or on rainy days, battery energy storage is used to achieve self-consumption and improve energy efficiency.

Outdoor emergency power supply. Provide reliable power supply for outdoor work, camping, and other scenarios, then meeting your power needs.

Industrial and commercial energy storage.Provide stable and reliable power supply for industrial and commercial users, improve power efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

Choose wall-mounted lithium batteries to enjoy a safer, more convenient, and smarter power experience!



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