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FOTOVO Single Phase 5KW 6KW 7KW 8KW 10KW Grid Tie Solar System

Customization is available. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Solar Panel TypeMonocrystalline Silicon, Polycrystalline Silicon
Warranty5 years (standard) / 10 years (optional)
Output Voltage (V)230
Output Frequency50/60HZ


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FOTOVO 5-10kW Solitary Phase Grid-Tied Solar Inverter

This 10kw grid-tie solar system includes solar panels, grid-tied solar inverters, grid-tie solar system accessories, and mounting brackets.

FOTOVO Solar Inverter

Create solar power for your home or service (5-10kW) with the FOTOVO inverter. It maximizes savings with optional zero export and follow regulations. Developed hard for any type of weather condition, FOTOVO flaunts a 5+5 year service warranty and adjustable alternatives.  Besides, obtains the most out of sunlight with its exceptional 98.7% efficiency.

Solar Panel

The FOTOVO mono 550w solar panel boasts advanced PERC innovation for superior performance in transforming sunlight into useful energy. Developed to last, it features a PID-free layout and undertakes comprehensive quality control inspections. Backed by a 25-year guarantee, this high-powered panel is a trusted, sustainable remedy for homes and companies seeking to harness tidy solar power.


FOTOVO Grid-tie Solar System Accessories

Enhance your grid-tie solar power system with FOTOVO’s premium accessories. Our PV combiner box comes complete with lightning arrester, DC breaker, fuse, and SPD for optimal protection. With an IP65 ranking, it’s developed to hold up against any type of climate condition. Moreover, our MC4 connectors guarantee secure links, furthermore our variety of PV cords in different dimensions deal with your certain requirements. Pick from black or optional red color choices. Constructed to last for 25 years, these devices are made to maximize the performance and long life of your grid tie solar system.


Mounting Brackets

Presenting the FOTOVO Grid-tie Solar System Mounting Brackets, created to streamline your solar setup procedure. These brackets supply versatile mounting alternatives for pitched roofs, flat roof coverings, ground setups, ballast kind configurations, and even automobile parking area. With a lifetime of 25 years, they provide long-lasting support for your solar system. Crafted with precision and resilience in mind, these braces ensure a secure and stable structure for your photovoltaic panels.

Therefore, produce 10kW of tidy power for your home with a grid-tied solar system.

Components of 10kw Grid-tie Solar System
Single phase6-10kw Grid-Tie Solar System
1Mono 550W
Solar Panel
Half Cell (N Type Optional)10/13/15/19PCS
2Grid-Tie Solar InverterPower:6/7/8/10KW1 Set
Output Voltage: Single phase
3Mounting SystemWhole set for roof and ground1 Set
4PV Cables4mm2 PV Cable150/150/150/200mm
52p 32A DC Circuit Breaker1Rated Voltage:1000V1/1/1/2PCS
63p 32A AC Circuit Breaker/1/1/1/1PC


10kw grid tie solar system

Additional information

Weight23 kg
Dimensions36 × 58 × 15 cm


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