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FOTOVO N-Type HJT Bifaical 400W Solar Module for Shed

Item NO.:FH410-440-27V-MHD
Cell Type :HJT 210 x 105mm (customized)
Maximum Power430 W
Module Efficiency :22.4%
Certificate :ISO, IEC,
Warranty :30 years Output Power Warranty
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Release the Power of the Sun: Presenting the N-Type Half-Cell HJT 400w Bifacial Solar Module

Visualize a 400w solar module that seamlessly blends innovative technology with a sleek style, all while producing clean energy for your home. Look no more than the 410-440W N-Type Bifacial Half-Cell HJT Solar Panel. This innovative panel exceeds assumptions, supplying superior performance, satisfaction, and a touch of contemporary style to your rooftop.


Built to Last, Assured

This bifacial module flaunts an exceptional 30-year power guarantee, surpassing the lifespan of standard photovoltaic panels. Rest very easy recognizing your investment will remain to produce clean energy for decades ahead.


More Than Just Efficiency

The 410-430W N-Type Bifacial Half-Cell HJT Photovoltaic panel isn’t just about raw power (although it supplies a maximum outcome of 523W!), it’s likewise designed with visual appeals in mind. Its high light transmittance permits optimum energy generation while maintaining a visually enticing look. This suggests you’re not just getting a powerful solar service, however you’re likewise adding a touch of sophistication to your home

Bifacial Solar Panel Specs FH410-440-27V-MHD

Innovation Under the Hood: HJT vs. PERC

The trick behind the panel’s phenomenal efficiency depends on its use of HJT (Heterojunction with Inherent Thin Layer) innovation. Compared to conventional PERC (Passivated Emitter Back Cell) panels, HJT provides several benefits:


  • Higher Effectiveness:

HJT boasts a greater performance rating, commonly varying from 22% to 23.5%, compared to PERC’s 21-22%  This converts to more power generation from the exact same amount of sunlight.


  • Superior Temperature Level Performance:

HJT panels perform extremely well in hot environments. Their reduced temperature coefficient indicates they experience a smaller effectiveness decrease as temperature levels increase, maximizing power production year-round


  • Double Task Power:

Bifaciality is one more game-changer. Unlike standard panels that just capture sunshine from the front, HJT panels can additionally record light from the behind, possibly generating even more power


Selecting the Right Panel for You

Whether you prioritize raw effectiveness, cost, or making best use of power generation, there’s a perfect photovoltaic panel option for you.


  • Prioritize high effectiveness and efficiency, specifically in hot climates: Pick HJT.
  • Concentrate on cost-effectiveness and a great equilibrium of efficiency: Pick PERC.
  • Value bifaciality and potential for higher power output: Choose HJT (relying on the application).



bifacial solar modules for shed Chinese manufacturer

Additional information

Weight23.6 kg
Dimensions175 × 110 × 3 cm


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