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FOTOVO N-Type 210mm Half Cell 18BB Mono 700W Solar Panel

High Quality N-Type 210mm Half Cell 18BB 670-700W Solar Panel

Model Number:FT670-700-33V-MH
Cell Type:210*105NTypeMono


Peak Power:670-700W
SKU: FT670-700-33V-MH Category: Tags: , , Product ID: 24978


Harness Much More Sun with the Powerful TOPCON 670-700W Solar Panel (210mm). This state-of-the-art 700w solar panel supplies superior power output and outstanding durability, making it an optimal choice for maximizing your solar power manufacturing.

What Makes a Great Solar Panel?


  • Unprecedented Power and Effectiveness:

This cutting-edge panel flaunts an amazing power outcome variety of 670-700 watts, making it one of one of the most powerful choices available. Incorporated with its impressive component performance of 22.54%, this panel creates even more electricity per square foot of roofing space, causing a considerable rise in your system’s overall output.


  • Built to Last, Backed by Guarantees:

This 700w solar panel has a long lifespan, providing you peace of mind for years to come. It’s backed by an encouraging 12-year warranty on products and handiwork, along with an industry-leading 30-year straight power outcome warranty. This ensures your panels will continue to create reliable power for several years to follow your financial investment.


  • Advanced Modern Technology for Improved Performance:

This panel uses cutting-edge Topcon (Topologically Conductive Oxide) innovation. This ingenious style optimizes light trapping and current collection within the panel, resulting in exceptional power outcomes and enhanced reliability compared to conventional panel styles.


  • Conquers Tough Environments:

This 700w solar panel can adapt to any environment. Its high salt haze and ammonia resistance make it perfect for seaside areas or areas near agricultural land. Additionally, it flaunts remarkable anti-PID (Possible Induced Deterioration) efficiency, a possible reliability concern for some photovoltaic panels. Through a meticulously maximized manufacturing procedure and stringent material control, this panel supplies long-term security and efficiency.


  • Tough Construction for Extreme Climate:

Engineered to endure considerable wind and snow loads, this panel is appropriates for a wide variety of climate conditions. It is licensed to sustain wind lots of approximately 2400 Pascal and snow lots of as much as 5400 Pascal, providing satisfaction even in locations susceptible to extreme climate.



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Additional information

Weight33.9 kg
Dimensions239 × 131 × 3.5 cm


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