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FOTOVO MC4 Solar Cable PV Connectors

Product namePhotovoltaic connector
Test voltageDC6000V
Temperature range-40 ~ +125℃
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FOTOVO MC4: Reliable and Secure Solar Connectors for Your PV System

FOTOVO MC4 solar pv connectors are built specifically for photovoltaic (PV) systems, ensuring a strong and reliable connection throughout your solar setup. We use only the highest quality materials, making our connectors both heavier and more durable than many competitor brands. This commitment to quality is reflected in our extended 10-year warranty, exceeding the industry standard.

FOTOVO MC4 Connectors: Built to Withstand the Elements

MC4 connectors are ideal for endure harsh outdoor environments. Our FOTOVO MC4 connectors boast an IP67 waterproof rating, completely sealing out dust, dirt, and moisture. This ensures a clean and secure connection for durable performance.

Easy Assembly, Secure Connection

We  recommend using an MC4 disconnect tool kit for effortless connector assembly. While not mandatory, these tools simplify the process and prevent potential damage that pliers could cause. For professional installations meeting UL standards, an MC4 crimping tool is required.

Understanding Photovoltaic Connectors

Also known as MC connectors, photovoltaic connectors are essential components in solar systems. They appear at various connection points, including junction boxes, combiner boxes, and cable connections between system components and inverters. These connectors come in two parts: a wire-end connector and a board-end connector.

Generally, PV connectors consist of metal and insulating parts, including male and female plugs, inner cores, and hard plastic (PC/PA) housing for easy on-site assembly .

And Also, FOTOVO MC4 PV Connectors Highlights:
  • IP67 Waterproof

Keeps dust and moisture out, ensuring a clean and secure connection.

  • Tight Connection

Built-in lock with precision engineering provides a secure and reliable connection.

  • High-Quality Materials

PPO shell offers superior heat resistance and prevents electrical shock.

  • Easy to Use

Effortless disconnection with a simple squeeze of the built-in lock on the male connector.

  • Wide Temperature Range

Certified to operate reliably from -40°C to 125°C.

Finally, Wholesale Pricing Available

Solar installers and dealers can benefit from our competitive wholesale pricing on FOTOVO products. Contact a FOTOVO sales representative today to learn more.

FOTOVO: Your One-Stop Shop for Solar Solutions

FOTOVO offers a comprehensive selection of solar products beyond just connectors, including solar modules, inverters, photovoltaic systems, batteries, controllers, combiner boxes, pv connectors and various accessories. We take pride in supplying high-quality products to meet all your solar needs.


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