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FOTOVO Foldable and Portable Solar Panel for Sale


  • Peak Power(Pm): 120W
  • Solar Cell Lamination: ETFE
  • Dimension(unfolded): 533*1652mm/21/65inch
  • Dimension(folded): 533*470mm/21*18.5inch
  • Weight: 5.7kg/12.57lbs


FOTOVO FF-120-CY portable solar panel is delighted to bring you solar power and portability.

Foldable and Portable Solar Panel

This portable photovoltaic panel is ideal for the adventurous traveler, giving both comfort and dependability when venturing off the grid. Together with the flexible light weight aluminum stand, locks, and strong handle, this 120W Solar Suitcase will certainly alter the method the globe considers mobile power.

Vital notes about the portable solar panel
  • Greater Module Performance.

The FOTOVO solar panels use Grade A+ solar cells, multi-layered sheet laminations improve cell efficiency and offer a lengthy life span.

  • Small Size Easy for Bring and Storage space.

Folding layout lessens in size, allows the suitcase can be simple to lug around, or saved in any type of gap in your recreational vehicle or van without taking much area.

  • Multi-Protection Ensure System Safety And Security.

With using clever PWM technology, the controller supplies efficient, secure, and secure charging. And meanwhile, multiple security maintaining your battery and system completely shielded..

  • Easy to Set Up.

This portable solar panel features alligator clips, allowing you to utilize the simplest way to connect the fee controller to your battery. So, it is suitable for a mobile system searching for versatility.

  • Much More Power and Versatility.

Flexible kickstands are very easy to set up and permit you to obtain the most effective sunlight just need to alter in little angles. And also, this can ensure you always obtain enough energy. Equip your exterior journeys with more flexibility and opportunity.

  • System Growth Available.

Extra panels contributed to the system are offered based upon your demands and space. (* We suggest attaching the very same spec solar luggage for development. What’s more, the 20A fee controller can accept broadening one additional 100W traveling bag.).

Set Up Your Portable Solar Panel for Charging
  1. Sun Exposure: Unfold the panel completely and position it facing the sun with the solar side up. This ensures maximum sunlight reception for efficient charging.
  2. Secure the Panel: To prevent wind damage or loss, use the provided tie cord and grommets on the panel’s corners to secure it in place.
  3. Connect Your Device: Choose the appropriate cable and accessory that matches the device you want to charge and connect it to the solar panel.

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