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FOTOVO EU Version 5kW Hybrid Inverter for Home

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The EU Version 5kW Hybrid Inverter is developed to provide trusted and versatile home power services, perfect for those looking for to take full advantage of solar energy and battery storage.

EU Version 5kW Hybrid Inverter: Power and Flexibility for Your Home
Key Features
  • Stage Compatibility

Adapts to your existing electric system, working as a single-phase inverter or operating in parallel for three-phase applications.

  • 48V Battery System

Works seamlessly with industry-standard 48V batteries, providing a flexible storage option.

  • Numerous Battery Options

Incorporates with lead-acid, lithium-ion batteries, and even user-defined kinds, supplying maximum flexibility based on your preferences.

  • Powerful Battery Charging

Supports an optimum hybrid charging current of 100A, making sure effective battery replenishment.

  • Wide Input Voltage Variety

Accepts a wide range of input voltage (90-280Vdc) from your solar panels, fitting different system arrangements.

  • Twin MPPT Inputs

Functions two Maximum Power Point Monitoring (MPPT) inputs, allowing you to optimize power manufacturing from even complicated roofing system layouts with various sun direct exposure areas.

  • Constructed to Last

The IP65 defense rating guards the inverter from dust and water ingress, guaranteeing long-term resilience in rough environments.

  • Comfort Warranty

Backed by a detailed 5-year guarantee for stress-free procedure.

  • Boosted Solar Power Harvesting

Provides an exceptional MPPT tracking efficiency of as much as 99.9%, maximizing the power captured from your solar panels.

  • Parallel Capability

This inverter allows you to connect it in parallel with up to 5 additional units. This enables you to increase your system’s overall power output and storage capacity as your energy demands increase in the future.

  • Advanced Battery Administration

Supports communication with Lithium-ion battery monitoring systems (BMS) for optimum battery wellness and performance. In addition, it features BMS twin activation for enhanced safety and security.

In short, take control of your home energy with the EU Version 5kW Solar Hybrid Inverter. And also, take pleasure in the benefits of solar energy, efficient battery storage space, and a versatile system designed to grow with your demands.


Additional information





Protection Degree




Internal Interface

RS485 / CAN / USB / Dry contact

External Module (optional)

Wi-Fi / GPRS

Rated Output Voltage

230Vac, single-phase or three-phase when in parallel

Num. of Parallel



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